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I didn’t know that speech pathologists dealt with cognitive disorders.” That was a comment heard from several health professional students at the annual Chronic Care Day at Texas Tech at Abilene this week. According to Dr. Terry Baggs, CSD Co-Chair and member of the IPE Chronic Care Day Committee, the department has participated in numerous interprofessional education experiences through the years but Chronic Care Day, Stroke Day, and Trauma Day are cooperative efforts between ACU and Texas Tech and provide students targeted training in working with other professionals while assessing simulated patients. “In some ways, simulated patients are better than actual patients during training because the use of simulated patients allows the faculty to develop specific diagnostic scenarios for our students to enhance specific skills while working with other disciplines,” says Dr. Baggs.

Communication Sciences and Disorders at ACU has utilized simulated patients for several years. Almost a decade ago, ACU was one of the first universities to utilize computer based simulated patients in an avatar format called SimuCase.  The department has expanded to other opportunities, an example being a patient simulated competency exam in swallowing disorders. And, the faculty continue to consider new methods of teaching skills while appreciating the roles of other disciplines.  Dr. Baggs says “the healthcare environment for a patient is improved when disciplines respect and understand each other.”

You’re Invited to an OPEN HOUSE!!

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You’re invited to an OPEN HOUSE!!
Who: ACU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
What: Homecoming Open House
Where: ACU Center for Speech, Language, and Learning at the Duncum Center (EN16th and Judge Ely)
When: Saturday, Oct. 21 from 8:30am – 10:00am
Why: Because WE LOVE OUR ALUMNI! We want you to see our new facilities and tell us what’s going on in your life right now!

Giveaways for everyone!!

ALSO, go online and join our Facebook page: ACU Speech Pathology Alumni!!

CSD Alum Starts Blog to Help Other SLPs

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Kelli McKnight (’90) has worked in numerous settings since graduating from the ACU Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program. She has grown both professionally and personally during this time and as a result has decided to share her insights with other speech-language pathologists. Kelli recently began a blog entitled, Kelli McKnight~Field Notes From An SLP. We want to invite you to visit her blog at and read all of the great things Kelli has to share! We know one new SLP who will be referring to her blog frequently…, her daughter, Caitlin McKnight Atkinson (2017)!



Expansion of Clinical Services!

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Things are really starting to roll again at the ACU Center for Speech, Language & Learning as the new school year comes closer!  As you are all aware, the on campus clinic moved into the Duncum Center last January.  We still have to pinch ourselves to believe we get to welcome our clients into this beautiful space!  In an effort to be good stewards of our new location and to maximize our service provision potential, our goal this year is to increase our on campus clinic from being open 2 days each week to 5 days each week.  As you can imagine this means juggling student schedules just a bit and finding supervisors to cover more time slots.  So far, so good!  We are thrilled to offer more appointment times each week to accommodate our wide range of client needs!

In addition to our on campus clinic, the ACU Communication Sciences & Disorders program continues to have its hand in other community programs needing speech pathology services as well, such as:  King David’s Kids, Disability Resources, Inc., Kenley School, Aldersgate Academy and Abilene Christian Schools.  This year we are also excited to begin collaboration with Children of Light Daycare just down the street from our campus.  These satellite clinical sites are supervised by ACU faculty and provide a rich variety of clinical experiences for our graduate clinicians.  And, we’re always on the lookout for new places in Abilene where our students can serve others while honing their skills!

ACU Definitely Present at TSHA!!

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A large contingency of ACU faculty and students hit the TSHA Convention in Austin running! We all enjoyed the many sessions and seeing old friends and alumni of the program!

Jessica DeVries received the Jon Ashby Scholarship at the TSHF breakfast. Jessica is a second year graduate student from Hinkley, CA who came to us from Biola University.

Dr. Terry Baggs, Dr. Denise Barnett, and Mrs. Khalilah Williams visit with prospective students at the Spirit Day Meet and Greet Event.

Graduate students ready to let their voices be heard!

PRAXIS BOWL team members were second year graduate students Mallory Wilkins from Abilene, Michelle Haiker from El Cajon, CA, Celeste Travelstead from Abilene,  & Ricky Flores from Penitas, TX.

Thanks team for represented ACU well! Proud of you!!

One last pic of our great group (minus a few)!

See you next year in Houston!