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Supplies for Cuba Autism Program

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Faculty, staff, and students of the CSD Department collected items to assist children living in Cuba who have autism. While speaking at a conference in Cuba on the topic of autism, Dr. Lynette Austin  visited with Dr. Burgois, a psychiatrist working in the state of Matanzas who leads a multidisciplinary autism team. He stated that while they have the necessary skilled professionals to help these children, they are lacking in toys, manipulatives, and teaching materials. So, without hesitation everyone got busy! A box full of ‘things’ were collected, packed in a big suitcase and sent to Cuba with a parent of one of our students (Andrea Archer) and Steve Austin (husband of Dr. Lynette Austin) who were travelling to this area.

Cuba case

We recently received pictures and a note of thanks from Dr. Burgois.

“The help really left us speechless.  It has totally exceeded our expectations.  It is . . .amazing to me, and I told my fellow workers, that even in a troubled world ruled by violence, hatred and selfishness there are still kind and generous people!   This spiritually enriches us and gives us strength to keep fighting. . . .” ~ Dr. Burgois

Cuba1Dr. Burgois with a student and his teacher using some of the toys we sent.
Cuba2 (1)
Steve Austin with a student, his teacher and a book sent in the case.


Teacher and student working with supplies we shared.