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Banner Upgrade On The Way

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At 5PM today, that would be about 15 minutes ago, we kicked all of our friends off Banner and began the process of upgrading it to a more recent version as well as implementing a new mid-tier server for the product. The DBAs are hard at work and will work well into the night and then be up early in the morning (if needed) to complete this upgrade. I’m hoping for a late evening finish to the project but as a point-haired boss I can have my dreams.

In the end, when the ACU community comes back to work on Monday morning, they will have a newer version of Banner, which will mean something to them, as well as a faster than it used to be, stronger than it used to be app server, which probably won’t mean much to them at all. It will mean alot to us here in Computing Services because we’ll know just how powerful it really is. We might even call it the 6-million dollar server! I just hope it didn’t cost that much.

Whatever we call the server, the upgrade process has started and we anticipate finishing the upgrade over the weekend. At the end of this process, we can take a collect breath of relief and rest on our laurels for at least an hour before the next project has to be picked up and dealt with. Its just the nature of working in technology: you never really get a break. But, we love our technology and we love our work.

Onward through the fog!

Banner 8.4 Upgrade Ready for Production Release

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Over the coming weekend (6/17/2011 thru 6/19/2011), Computing Services will be upgrading our Banner instance to Banner General 8.4. This upgrade will include a new Linux Application Server. All the pieces are in place and tested for the upgrade over this weekend and we expect things to go well.

Banner will be unavailable beginning 5PM on 6/17/2011 and will be down for part if not all of the weekend.

Banner modules will be upgraded to these specific versions over the weekend:

Banner Advancement – 8.4
Banner Accounts Receivable – 8.2.1
Banner Financial Aid – 8.11
Banner General – 8.4.1
Banner Finance – 8.5
Banner Human Resources – 8.5
Banner Position Control – 8.5
Banner Students – 8.5

Workflow will remain at the current 4.4.1 version. Bosscars and Discoverer will also be maintained at their existing version numbers.

Once the upgrade is completed, key Banner areas will be contacted so that they may spend some time over the weekend verifying their modules work as expected. If issues are not uncovered until Monday morning at 8AM, rest assured that we will be here for you and do everything we can to get Banner working as expected.

If you have any questions about the upgrade or the timing over the weekend, please call Dave at 518-3163.