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Sprint Items Updates Are Posted

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We’ve completed another sprint here in Computing Services. That was Sprint #12, or DevCycle12 as we call it internally. There were a number planned items in the sprint and several unplanned items as well. Simply put, planned items are development tickets we know about before the sprint starts. Unplanned items are ones that show up after a sprint starts but are important enough to add into that cycle.

If you are interested in seeing what was accomplished in the last three sprint cycles, take a look at Current and Past Sprint Items page on this blog for more information.

Another Blog Worth Reading – for DBAs

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April Sims, a former employee and ACU’s first Oracle DBA, has a blog that is worth reading if you are a DBA or want to know more about Oracle technologies. Caveat Average Person, however. April covers a number of issues, lots of issues in fact, in and around the Oracle DB world. Most of it, this old manager doesn’t understand because Oracle’s stuff is not for the faint of heart. But, there is even a post for the novice Oracle DBA that will allow them to reach out to more experienced DBAs like April. Check out her blog if you are working in this world. Its worth reading and may save you some real headaches.

Here is the link to her blog in case you missed it above:

Happy DBA-ing.