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Development Cycle 15

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Today we finished up Development Cycle 15, which spans September 5 through September 23. The cycle was capped off with a demo session to highlight the work we completed. Today’s demo session included the following:

  1. Roster Tool for ACU Athletics – We have been working on a version of the course roster tool so that coaches can track practice logs online rather than with paper.  The volleyball and softball coaches are already testing this and we anticipate a wider release to all of the coaching staffs in a few weeks.  While they are testing, we will continue on with work to implement additional features such as the ability to export attendance data to Excel.
  2. XDrive – We allow our developers to adopt 10% projects, which is a nod to Google’s 20 Percent Time initiative.  If there are no pressing issues to resolve, then each developer can spend four hours each week working on their 10% project.  One of our developers, Chris Gibbs, has been working since late 2010 on an iOS app to interface with Xythos.  He showed off the current state of the app that allows you to access files and folders from our Xythos server, which are cached in the app for offline access.  He wants to add some additional features before opening up access, but it is already a useful application.
Following the demonstration of these two applications, we walked through the log of all development work that was completed during the cycle (Dev Cycle 15 – Resolved Issues).

Developer Stats – Well Almost

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Nothing like a graph to point out how bad your data really is. Well, the truth is, the stats I’m collecting from Jira, our development tracking engine isn’t horrible but there are some anomalies in the data that I have to clear up. Be that as it may, I’m sharing this link with the two of you that ever read this blog. If you can sign into our Tableau server, you will be able to see the dashboard. If you can’t, hang in there. I’m working on a more public presentation that people outside our licensing restrictions can see as well.