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Tableau Projects

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One of the nice surprises we’ve seen as a result of using Tableau as one of the reporting engines for ACU is how quickly and easily it has been to create and publish reports. That may also be the bane of a Tableau experience. As the number of Tableau reports has grown, so has the challenge of searching and find the one report you need at just the right time.

This situation is more pronounced for ACU because we 1. required users to publish to a staging area and then had to deploy each report to a final destination, and 2. allowed all Tableau interactors (as they are called in the software) to see all reports. The later of these we will address at a later date. For now, we’ve taken some effort to alter the first situation.

Starting today, any publisher of a Tableau report will be able to publish their content to the final project destination. Our belief is that doing so will allow content creators to share their reports more quickly. Its another one of those, “Let’s not get in the way of our customers” kinds of situations for me. I want each publisher to be the master of their destiny (or “density” if you like the movie “Back To The Future”). That gives them more flexibility and also allows them to more quickly and easily publish reports for their own audiences.

To pull this off, we simply had to create several new Tableau projects with specific naming conventions that should make sense to our customers. For example, we used to have one project called “500: Information and Planning“. Now we broken that down into several projects with names such as “520: Planning: Budgeting” and “530: Planning: Enrollment“. The one hope I had for this new structure was to be able to nest projects inside of projects. I was hoping for a high order project called “500: Information and Planning” as it was before and then have nested projects under that such as “Budgeting“, “Enrollment” and the like. In Tableau 6.1, that doesn’t seem possible. I hope that Tableau will offer this solution in future releases of the software because it would be a nice feature.

Next steps are to determine if we need to rethink what everyone can see or leave it wide open as it is today. I’ll need to get help from some smart people on that one.


Dev Cycle 17

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We have finished Development Cycle 17, which spans October 17 through November 4.  Much of our work over the last three weeks has been related to back-end systems and applications that do not lend themselves well to a demonstration, but we did demo the following:

  • Roster Tool – We have finished up work on some additional features for roster tool that Athletics is preparing to use for practice logs (ability to export attendance data to csv file, polished up UI).
  • Gift Officer Monthly Workplan – We have created a new application to help Advancement gift officers manage communications that need to take place each month.
  • Jira Rapid Board – We have updated Jira, our project tracking tool, to start using a new feature called the Rapid Board.  The Rapid Board will help us to better track the multitude of applications we maintain.

Attached is Dev Cycle 17- Resolved Issues so that you can see what all was accomplished. An In-Progress Issues report is also attached since we have major projects currently in development that will span multiple cycles.

Uptime Statistics for October 2011

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Each month, we receive a report of uptime for various applications we support in this area. While this data does not represent all the application managed by Computing Services, it does cover some of the more important web applications.