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Dev Cycle 20

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We finished up Development Cycle 20, which spans January 3rd through January 20th. This cycle included some usual start-of-school and start-of-calendar-year work, but also included completion of some major projects:

  • Google Apps contact sharing – We have enabled global contact sharing in our domain so that you can now quickly search for ACU people while composing email messages and managing your contacts.  This took buy-in from a few campus constituents and will respect the desire for people to be confidential.
  • Noel-Levitz – We completed some bug fixes and set up the weekly data extract so that ACU can continue to engage with this company concerning changes to enrollment and financial aid
  • Xythos – We performed a major upgrade of our enterprise file system, Xythos, which fixed some known bugs and improved browser compatibility.  This new version includes support of iOS devices from the regular web interface found at

Attached is Dev Cycle 20 – Resolved Issues so that you can see what all was accomplished.  This cycle does include some things that can be demonstrated, so we will plan to show these off at a future demo session.

Dev Cycle 19


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We finished up Development Cycle 19 the week before Christmas, which spans December 5 through December 23. Like the last few cycles, most of our work in this cycle was related to back-end operations that are not easy to demo, so we did not offer a demo session this time around.  Attached is Dev Cycle 19 – Resolved Issues so that you can see what all was accomplished.