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Dev Cycle 22

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We finished up Development Cycle 22, which spans February 13th through March 2nd. Here are some of the highlights of this cycle:

  • Financial Aid – A lot of work was completed in preparation for offering financial aid packages to students for the coming school year.  This work traditionally starts to pick up in late January and continues through the month of February.
  • Noel-Levitz data analysis – Some additional work was completed to fix issues and add additional data to the weekly file that is given to Noel-Levitz for financial aid and enrollment analysis.  We expect things like this to come up from time-to-time as Noel-Levitz helps Enrollment and Financial Aid determine strategies for more effective recruiting and financial aid awards.
  • Marketplace Position Comparison tool – At the request of Dr. Schubert, we created a web application to help with comparing ACU’s position in the higher education market as well as considering how changes to certain factors could impact our position.  There will be some additional work to implement features that Dr. Schubert described when we met to demo the application.
  • Royall search responders – This was a major project that began in early Fall with implementation of an import process to feed application data from Royall into Talisma. We completed the final piece of the Royall data import process this cycle, which allows Enrollment to keep tabs on the students that Royall is recruiting on behalf of ACU.
  • xDrive – One of our developers, Chris Gibbs, has been working on an iOS application that provides access to Xythos, our enterprise file server.  This has been his 10% project (search for Google 20% time to see what this means) over the last year and is now to the point of internal testing.  This application will provide a native way to access files you store in Xythos and now includes the ability to cache files locally for offline access.  We will be looking for beta testers after we complete the first round of testing internally.

Attached is Dev Cycle 22 – Resolved Issues so that you can see what all was accomplished.  This cycle does include some things that can be demonstrated, so we will add this to our list of things to show off in a future demo session.