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Update on the Upgrades

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Its late Friday afternoon and we’re all waiting for the start of the Banner upgrade. But wait! Let’s not forget the CSGold upgrade that went in earlier this week. With the oversight of Lowell Johnston, with backup from Jeff Brawley, Shelley Allen, and a number of people from the systems area along with Dempsey Peterson and our CBord SE, the upgrade to CSGold 6.1 went without a hitch. This has been one of the smoothest upgrades to CSGold we have experienced. Thank you, Lowell!

And now we wait and count the minutes until we take Banner offline and begin the upgrade process for that system. As it stands today, Ellucian needs until Sunday morning to apply the updates. Sometime Sunday AM, Ellucian will contact us and the team here in Computing Services will begin looking at Banner to see if things were applied and are working as expected. If so, we will begin contacting our customers and have them check what they can before Monday morning.

Stay tuned.

Dev Cycle 28

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We finished up Development Cycle 28 last week, which spans June 18th through July 6th.  Here are some of the highlights for this cycle:

  • Banner upgrade – We completed a lot of preparation work for the Banner upgrade that will take place this weekend (Friday, July 13 at 5pm through Monday, July 16th at 8am).
  • Marketplace Position Comparison tool – We created a web-based tool for Dr. Schubert and the SLT a few months ago. The tool was enhanced to include some new features and data factors to help with planning and analysis.
  • myACU update – We completed a lot of work in preparation for a major update of myACU that will go live on August 9th. We are tentatively scheduled to open up a limited beta test on July 25th.
  • Undergrad application import into Talisma – Enrollment Marketing moved the apply online process to an application hosted by Royall & Company. The Talisma data import process was updated to accept application data from the new location.

Attached is Dev Cycle 28 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

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Over the coming two weeks (7/10/2012 thru 7/22/2012), the team here in Computing Services will upgrade three significant applications. The first of these will be our campus card system, CSGold from CBord. This upgrade includes moving the application from a physical server to a virtual server. At the same time, we will upgrade the application from version 5.5 to version 6.1.

Immediately after the completion of that upgrade, we will upgrade our ERP, Banner, from Banner General 8.4 to Banner General 8.5. Specifically, the Banner modules will be at the following versions once the upgrade is completed:

General 8.5
Advancement 8.5
Student 8.5.1, 8.5.2, 8.5.3
Finance 8.6, 8.6.1
A/R 8.4
Financial Aid 8.14.2
Position Control 8.6
Web Tailor 8.5
Web General 8.5
Student SS 8.5.1, 8.5.2
Advancement SS 8.6
Finance SS 8.5
Faculty SS 8.5.1, 8.5.2
Patch p1-11a4g09_gen8050002

And finally, the following weekend, we will upgrade our CRM system, Talisma, from 8.5 to 8.6 and move this new installation to new hardware.

Lots of changes coming in the next two weeks. We have tested or are in the process of testing all the changes. So far everything looks good. Cross you fingers.