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Dev Cycle 34

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We finished up Development Cycle 34 last week, which spans October 22nd through the November 9th.  Here are some of the highlights for this cycle:

  • MyACU Refresh – We are slowly making progress on this project as we continue to deal with loss in personnel and look to rehire for each of the open positions.  We anticipate a go-live sometime during the Christmas break.
  • Blogs Update – We are in the early stages of working on an update of WordPress, which includes bringing new folks up-to-speed and making sure that all of our customizations work post-upgrade.
  • OpenClass – Work continues as the campus prepares for the migration from Blackboard to Pearson’s OpenClass.
  • TouchNet – A lot of work was spent preparing us to move more of our shopping cart functionality from UltraCart to TouchNet, including the carts that operate the enrollment deposit and Campus Cash purchasing.  We anticipate this work being completed later this week.
  • Banner Upkeep – A lot of time was spent this cycle working on general maintenance needs within Banner, including updates needed for reporting purposes.
  • In all, 26 developer tickets were completed during this development cycle.

See Dev Cycle 34 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.