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Dev Cycle 48

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We finished up Development Cycle 48 last week, which spans August 19th through September 6th.  Here are some of the highlights for this cycle as well as ongoing work:

  • Start of school – We continue to be in start-of-school mode.  This includes the usual list of items, such as custom reports, meal plan changes and fixes, and preparation for the use of course tools like OpenClass.  Some of this work should start to taper off this week.
  • – We deployed an update to address a few minor bugs and improvements, including integration with Google Analytics to better track usage patterns.  We also made minor UI improvements to applications like Mobile Files so that the old ACU Mobile and My Mobile tabs no longer appear in the header.  We are finishing up work on the addition of a directory search feature that should be deployed later this week.
  • Fire Engine Red graduate admissions application – We are working with Graduate Enrollment Marketing to prepare for their admissions application move to Fire Engine Red (FER).  We are very close to go-live and are making a few final adjustments that Enrollment Marketing suggested.
  • Cognos BI and TM1 – Phase 2 of the implementation with Infolink Consulting is well underway.  This project’s focus will continue to improve the reporting and analytics provided to Financial Operations.
  • Ellucian Mobile – Initial setup and preparation is underway with the plan to release the applications later in the fall.  This could eventually replace all of the functionality provided in and introduce some new features that Ellucian provides.
  • NCAA Compliance Assistant integration – Work continues to import financial aid data from Banner into the NCAA Compliance system.  We have run into a few snags with the features provided by the NCAA, but have created a plan so that we can proceed with adding the data this week.
  • In all, 59 development issues were completed during this development cycle in addition to the on-going projects mentioned above.

See Dev Cycle 48 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.