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Dev Cycle 52

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We finished Development Cycle 52 last week, which spans November 11th through November 29th.  Here are some of the highlights for this cycle as well as ongoing work:

  • LDAP to Active Directory migration – We have moved our main authentication store to Active Directory, which required configuration changes to a number of applications that relied on LDAP.  The final applications moves were made the last few weeks.
  • Password Management – We implemented features to support our new password policy in conjunction with the move to Active Directory.  We fixed a few bugs and made some enhancements after observing its usage in production.
  • Cognos BI and TM1 – There are some residual tasks for Phase 2 of the implementation with Infolink Consulting before considering the project completed. We are working with Financial Operations to finish this work, which will provide them with a budgeting model that will significantly improve the budgeting process.
  • DegreeWorks – DegreeWorks is a replacement for the CAPP application that we use for degree planning. This project will allow for greater flexibility and usability for students, advisors and staff that assist students with their degree plans.  We went live with advisor access on November 21st as planned.  A go-live date for student access will be identified after advisors successfully use the software for a few weeks.
  • Billing Acknowledgement – ACU is now required to have students acknowledge that they are responsible for paying their bill.  Financial Operations has requested that an acknowledgement page be added to the Electronic Checkin application that all students complete at the start of the term.  We are rewriting this application in conjunction with the project since it is in need of maintenance.
  • Banner HR upgrade – We have a required Banner HR upgrade to apply later this month, which includes prerequisites for numerous updates to be applied to Banner as a whole.  We are targeting a production upgrade on December 20th and 21st.
  • Banner Workflow move and upgrade – The old hardware hosting Banner Workflow has failed and we are working to move to new servers as well as an upgraded version of the software.  This work was already underway before the hardware failure, but has been accelerated so that we can restore service.
  • Student Aid Services (SAS) – Enrollment Marketing has requested our help with a project to send out electronic financial aid award letters for incoming, undergraduate students.  They have partnered with Student Aid Services to manage this, which includes the need for student and financial aid data.  The service will be used in parallel to Evisions hosted locally, which has already been in use for sending out all award letters.  We are currently working to identify the data needs and will start the project soon.
  • Health Saving Account (HSA) – A data feed is being created to support the new HSA option for employees in 2014.  This will operate similar to the feed that we provide for other services such as TIAA-CREF where account deposits are made for employees.
  • Bean Bucks online purchasing – We have been working with Business Services to provide the ability for students to purchase additional Bean Bucks.  This service will only be available for students with Lifestyle and Freestyle plans.  We are currently testing and should introduce this by the start of the spring term.
  • Blogs update – We need to upgrade our blogs server (WordPress) to the most recent version to keep us up-to-date and address known bugs and security issues.  We are targeting this update to occur sometime during the winter break.
  • Xythos (myACU Files) update – Xythos is in need of updates.  We continue to see occasional performance and accessibility issues, which we hope this update will improve.  This update includes a new mobile web interface that will eventually replace the custom interface we wrote five years ago.  We are targeting this update to occur during the winter break.
  • Banner Proxy accessWe are working with the Registrar’s Office and the Depot to implement proxy access in Banner.  This will allow parents, guardians and other individuals to be granted access to Self-serve Banner by their students.  The student will be able to select what type of access is granted and can revoke access at any given time.  This is an often-requested feature and we are excited to provide this functionality soon.
  • In all, 26 development issues and 57 Motorhelp support tickets were resolved during this cycle.

See Dev Cycle 52 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.