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February 2014

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Here are some of the highlights for February 2014 as well as ongoing work:

  • In all, 71 development issues and 178 Motorhelp support tickets were resolved during the month.
  • We recorded an overall application uptime of 99.89% for the month of February.
  • Authentication system end-of-life – We quietly undertook a project in the last year to migrate all of our applications to use a single source for authentication.  This allowed us to manage authentication and authorization from a central location and prepare for the password policy changes put in place last fall.  One of the old authentication systems, LDAP, was turned off this past month.
  • Financial aid setup and maintenance – We have been working closely with Student Financial Services to prepare for the 2014-2015 aid year.  This includes the installation of a Banner Financial Aid upgrade as well as modifications to jobs that support packaging and reporting.
  • Student Aid Services (SAS) – This  goes hand-in-hand with the work described in the previous bullet item.  ACU partnered with Student Aid Services to manage award letters for incoming, undergraduate students.  We  have a process in place to automatically deliver student and financial aid data to SAS and have already delivered two files so that award letters will be sent to incoming students.
  • Cognos BI and TM1 – We continue to work with Financial Operations to finish up the budgeting model project.  We anticipate spending time with the budget office to insure a smooth roll-out of campus-wide budgeting for FY2015.
  • Operational Data Store (ODS) –  We have been successfully running ODS for a while with the Banner data that comes “out of the box.”  We are currently in the planning phase to start using it as a primary data source for reporting, which includes analysis to determine what ACU-specific data needs to be added to make it most useful.
  • DegreeWorks – DegreeWorks is a replacement for the CAPP application that we use for degree planning. We worked with the Registrar’s Office to prepare for student access and opened it on Monday, March 3rd.
  • Bean Bucks online purchasing – We worked with Business Services to provide the ability for students to purchase additional Bean Bucks.  This service is only available for students with Lifestyle and Freestyle plans.
  • Retention support – We have been working with Bart Herridge to collect and maintain retention data in Banner for each new student.  This will help Bart and others continue our progress towards increased retention.
  • Open source contributions – We regularly use open source software to provide enterprise-level applications, such as myACU, single sign-on, and blogs.  We would like to contribute back to these communities where we have made improvements and enhancements to these applications.  Our initial effort will focus on contributions to the Central Authentication Server (CAS) project that we use for single sign-on and password management.
  • Application management – We are researching tools that will help us improve our monitoring of applications.  The new tools will improve the monitoring we already have in place, allow us to react more quickly to issues, and will enhance our ability to troubleshoot problems.
  • Mobile printing – We are working with our tech support folks to set up a test environment that will enable printing from mobile devices.  If things go well with testing, then we will consider a go-live in time for Fall 2014.

See February 2014 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.