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October 2014

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Here are some of the highlights for October 2014 as well as ongoing work:

  • 76 development issues and 133 end-user support requests were resolved.
  • We recorded an overall application uptime of 99.87%.
  • Fast fact – Computing Services quickly reacts to various security issues, including newly-discovered vulnerabilities in software, phishing attempts that sometimes result in compromised accounts, and attacks of our applications that cause slow responses and/or downtime.  We work closely with the folks in Enterprise Infrastructure and Technology Support to address these issues and identify best practices to help us be proactive in the future.   We consider the security of users, applications and data to be a core part of our work to provide services to campus.
  • Graduate School ramp-up – We have been working with Jay Goin, Executive Director for the Graduate School, to help plan the use of new applications for the recruiting and admissions process.  Folks in Enterprise Infrastructure and Technology Support are also working with Jay to plan other aspects of the build-out.
  • Hardwick Day financial aid analysis – ACU hired Hardwick Day to help craft our financial aid strategy, which requires that we provide them with a data set for analysis.  We provided them with a large data set a few weeks ago as a starting place.  Now we are finishing up work to provide a weekly data set.
  • Business Intelligence – It has been a busy last few weeks moving forward with implementation of new BI initiatives.  We licensed a tool for managing governance for new reports, Data Cookbook, and will begin the implementation process this week. We are working with campus report writers to convert existing Discoverer reports to Cognos reports.  The operational data store (ODS) is being amended to include Banner data that does not currently exist as well as ACU custom data that is needed for reporting.
  • Activity Insight – Most of our work with the Office of the Provost to provide data integration between Banner and Activity Insight has been completed.  Our focus will start to shift to regular maintenance once faculty pilot testing is completed later this fall.

See October 2014 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.