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September 2015

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Here are the highlights for September 2015 as well as our ongoing work:

  • 62 development issues and 148 end-user support requests were resolved.
  • We recorded an overall application uptime of 99.88%.
  • Fast fact – October is National Cyber Security Awareness month.  As technology changes, we need to become more conscious of the potential cyber threats that exist.  Information Technology is offering weekly sessions to show how you can keep your data safe.  Please visit the Technology Support blog for more information.
  • Did you know? Gmail includes a Labs featured called Canned Responses that is useful when you find yourself sending a routine message.  Canned responses allow you to compose a response and reuse it as many times as you would like. You can create and save as many canned responses as you like and give each one a descriptive title to make finding it later quick and easy.
  • Personnel change – One of our longtime Systems Analysts accepted a job opportunity and left us in mid-August.  The last two months have been tough, but we are excited to have a new team member join us on October 26th.
  • Innovation project – Development has started on the winning innovation idea presented by a cross-functional IT team this past spring.  We are working with a free-lance developer to create an application that will allow users to associate themselves with a particular location at a particular time.  The application will support multiple use cases, including small group chapels and class attendance.
  • Ellucian XE – We are working with Ellucian to plan and implement the next major release of Banner.  The Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem (or simply, “XE”) will provide a web-friendly interface that Ellucian intends to be mobile, simple and flexible.  We anticipate rollout out the first of many XE applications by the end of the year.

See September 2015 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.