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January 2016

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Here are the highlights for January 2016 as well as our ongoing work:

  • 71 development issues and 172 end-user support requests were resolved.
  • We recorded an overall application uptime of 99.95%.
  • Fast fact – In 2015, 67.4 million email messages were sent and received through our primary domain in Gmail, 2.2 million files were stored in Google Drive and 7,014 video Hangouts occurred.
  • Did you know? Google introduced a feature in Hangouts that allows guests without a Google account to access video calls.  This new feature is available for guests joining with a web browser, making it easy for ACU folks using Hangouts to meet with anyone – inside or outside of the organization, with or without a Google account.
  • Banner planning meetings – We are meeting with key contacts for each of the Banner modules we use (Advancement, Finance, Student, etc.), which is a renewed effort to proactively manage and use Banner.  The first meetings include review of Ellucian’s online resources, on-boarding of new employees who use Banner, on-going training, testing plans and available updates.  We intend to meet regularly to develop and maintain a long-term release plan for near-term updates as well as the Ellucian XE changes that are coming.
  • Financial Aid awarding – We are working with our campus partners to produce 2016-2017 financial aid awards for incoming and returning students.  This work includes Banner updates, setup of data in the Banner test environment and creation of a new email notification solution for student aid requirements.
  • Data and application security – We consider the security of users, applications and data to be a core part of our work.  We regularly install updates to address known issues, research potential problems that may affect systems and users, and quickly react to situations that are discovered.  We work closely with our colleagues in Enterprise Infrastructure and Technology Support to address these issues and identify best practices to help us be proactive in the future.

See  January 2016 – Resolved Issues for a more in-depth summary.