App For That – Faculty Fusion 2009

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Here are the results from our 2009 Faculty Fusion There’s an App For That session:

White noise – $1.99! White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep.  Includes high quality looping noises such as waves crashing on a beach, crickets chirping at night, and the soothing sound of rain fall.

Evernote – Free! Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

HT Recorder - $2.99! HappyTalk makes it easy to capture college lectures, business meetings, and personal dictation on your phone.  HappyTalk captures voices clearly even when the people speaking are several meters away from the phone.

ShopShop – Free! Shop Shop allows you to make shopping lists right on your mobile device. No more forgetting your grocery list at home!

iBird Explorer Pro - $29.99! A list of birds, pictures, calls.  There are different versions, one free, some that have cost.  You can search by color, shape, location, etc.

Bump – Free! Bump makes exchanging contact information as easy as bumping two phones together. Just open the Bump app, bump another Bump user, and their contact information will be directly saved into your phone.

Tripit – Free! TripIt for iPhone keeps your TripIt itineraries at the ready whether you’re online, offline or in airplane mode. Get instant access to all the information you might need on the road, even when you can’t connect to the Internet.

BeeTagg – Free! Useful in Library work.  For example: Mobile tag for Searching for God Knows What in library- students take a picture of mobile tag listed in Library and they can search for similar topics in library.

World Cat – Free! World Cat enables you to search for books, articles, and etc. in libraries nearest you. Great for on-campus.

Midomi -  $4.99! Just hold your phone up to a speaker, and Midomi names the tune in as little as five seconds!

Shotgun – Free! Every Texan should enjoy this virtual shotgun. Just shake to shoot!

Shazam – Free! Open up Shazam on your mobile device and hold it up the radio to detect what song is playing. Once you identify the tracks, you can buy them and share the tags with friends.

Wordbook – $1.99! WordBook is the most downloaded commercial English dictionary in iTunes App Store. It is quick, intuitive, rich and more of all, loved by tens of thousand iPhone and iPod users.

New York Times Crossword - $0.99! With The New York Times Crosswords app, you can play the same puzzles that are published in the newspaper. Subscribers get the daily puzzles as well as other features including live leader boards for solving times. The application also includes access to over 4,000 archived puzzles, up to 30 classic puzzles and the latest news headlines from

Lexulous – $3.99! Lexulous is just like scrabble, and you can play opponets from all over the world right from your mobile device.

Flashlight – Free! Flashlight fills your screen with bright white to illuminate your world when you find yourself in a dark spot or concert. Also has pixel test and strobe light modes!

Even More Cowbell – Free! This fun app plays cowbell noises.

GrandeGetter – $0.99! Grande Getter finds the closest Starbucks near you, and then takes you to it with one click of a button.

Save Benjis – $0.99! The Save Benjis app is a search engine that allows you to search for an item with instant price comparisons.

Pandora – Free! Pandora is free online radio that adjusts the station to the music you like. Just type in a favorite song or artist, and Pandora will find similar music and save them to a personalized station just for you.

Public Radio – Free! Public Radio allows you to pull up any public radio station by name,  state, etc. on your mobile device, and bookmark your favorites.

NPR News – Free! Like the Public Radio app, NPR News allows you to pull up news radio station by name, state, etc., and lets you bookmark your favorite stations.

Now Playing – Free! Now Playing is your complete guide to movies. Browse reviews, trailers, ratings, theatres, show times, and distance with this app and save yourself sometime by ordering the tickets directly from your mobile device.

iTV – Free! Customize your TV lineup, tag your favorite shows and request to be alerted when your favorite shows are on. Also turns into a remote control for all iPhone and iPod touches.

iClickr PowerPoint Remote Lite – Free! This app is great for PowerPoint presentations. iClickr allows you to navigate through slides by swiping your finger across the screen, and also keeps track of your time with an onboard clock. iClickr light is ideal for 15 minute presentations, longer presentations should be used with the $9.99 version of iClickr Power Point Remote.

Remote – Free! With remote you can control the music on your computer or Apple TV from your iPod touch or iPhone. Works on a wi-fi connection, so you can be anywhere in your room, house, classroom, or office to use this app. – Free! Free episode of all kinds of TV shows can be found with the app.  You can also add all of your favorite videos to a favorites folder, or shake your iPhone or iPod touch for a video selected at random.

OrbLive- $9.99! Watch live streaming TV, Internet TV, or listen to radio with OrbLive.

BYKI Global- Free!  BYKI enables you to learn many different languages all at one. It offers sound so that you can not just read the language, but hear it as well. Specific versions of BKYI, like English, Spanish, or French, are also available for $7.99.

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