DET Club Creates Virtual Campus to Enhance Campus Experience

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Going for a campus visit is about to get much easier thanks to the upcoming Virtual Campus program. The DET Club is creating something new for the ACU campus.  Basically, people will be able to view and tour the buildings and grounds without having to be physically present at ACU. There will be interactive games which will use the campus as the map. Many people will be able to enjoy the campus whether they live here or not. This is important for prospective students because they will be able to see what campus life is like before being here. One of these tools will be a fun game that allows the user to create their own dorm room.

Only one or two other colleges have virtual campuses, but the plan is for this one to be completely different than all the others. The gaming aspect of it will make the program unique. Katey Bluel, DET Club PR Director said she is, “especially excited for mini games and the inside jokes that ACU people would understand.” She also noted their desire to make these games very user friendly.

A demo of the program is planned to be launched in two years. The officers noted that there is a lot of work to do yet, but the process is part of the fun. This is big project for the club and they are excited about it. DET Club President, Justin Foley, said “This is something to showcase our skills to future club employees.” Not only is this an exciting venture, but also something that will help students build an outstanding résumé.

Another great aspect about this project is that absolutely anyone can get involved. No matter what your major, you can help! The DET students are learning this new type of programing too. They would love to see more people get involved from the beginning and start learning more about this system. DET Club Vice President Austin Graham said, “This is the first time that we’ve done something this big. Anyone who wants to join – can.”

Join the DET Club social media pages to stay updated on the progress of the Virtual Campus!



Using the Oculus Rift for Film

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Digital Entertainment is very excited about a current project using the Oculus Rift.

Last Fall the department acquired an Oculus Rift for development purposes.  This spring we have been exploring the use of the Oculus Rift as a technology for storytelling in film.  Our first short film is in production.  We hope to have a sample available for viewing later this semester.

A little FX

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We have had a great year thus far creating special effects for film.

Here is a small sampling of student projects:

Tekkan Battle:

Hockey Magic:


The Reporter:


These are short demonstrations of students learning special effects.

More samples coming soon!

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ACU DET Club will again be hosting the Global Game Jam this January, ggjthumbnail24-26 in the Mabee Business Building on the ACU campus.  Plan to bring your “A” game!

Global Game Jam Day 2 Summary

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The second day of Global Game Jam is drawing to a close. Most of the participants have filed out for the evening, but there are a few stragglers hanging around and working hard. The pizza is being consumed at a monumental pace and our cookie supply has been refilled.

The projects are due to be turned in tomorrow at 3:00 pm. We’re all feeling really optimistic about everything that we’re producing here and as soon as we’ve uploaded our projects to the GGJ website, we’ll post screenshots and summaries here on the blog.

Again, we’d like to thank Corona Labs for sponsoring (and feeding) us throughout this process over this weekend!

GGJ Pics

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Team 1 - Post Apocalyptic 3D Puzzle game


Team 2 - Fontastic


Thanks Corona Labs!!!





Checking Code


The process of building a sidescroller


The artists process


Work Station


GGJ Update

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We’ve got a new team added!
So as it stands, we have three working titles coming out of ACU’s chapter of GGJ 2013:

Team 1: Post Apocalyptic 3D Puzzle game

Team 2: Fontastic

Team 3: Side Scrolling Alien Spoof

Each team has started a project file on the GGJ site and is working on making a site for the respective games. We have artists with their tablets, 3D modelers comparing their poly-counts, programmers checking each others code, and a writer running around from team to team taking pictures.

Also, we’re out of cookies.

GGJ: Day 2

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Day 2 of Global Game Jam is well underway!

The two teams have been diligently working all morning and seem to be making great progress. We’ve already had a visit from an interviewer from The Optimist (ACU Newspaper) and have once more obliterated several boxes of pizza. (Thanks again, Corona Labs!)

The theme for Global Game Jam 2013 was revealed in an mp3 clip of  heartbeat. We’re anxious to see how both teams incorporate the theme into their respective games.

Global Game Jam Schedule

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Here’s the official schedule for this weekend’s events:

Keynote and Theme announcement: 5PM   (11 minute Keynote, then the reveal of the theme)
Pizza: 6PM
Building closes at 12:00AM (you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay in the building).

Building opens at 8AM
Optimist Interview/Videographer arrives at 10AM
Lunch: 11:30
Teams must create a placeholder webpage by 3PM
Pizza: 6PM
Building closes at 12AM

Building opens at Noon
Show and tell what you created: 2PM
Upload project to GGJ site by 3PM
As it stands, we’ve effectively demolished the pizza and the two teams are diligently working on their respective projects. We have two different games in development:

Team 1: Post-Apocalyptic 3D puzzle game

Team 2: Typography app/game

So far, the progress for both looks promising. We have a long two days ahead of us, but hey, it’s two days of creating video games! That’s pretty awesome.

And so it begins…

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Day one of Global Game Jam has officially begun.

We have a theme, we have some teams beginning to form, and we have cookies.

I’ll be live-blogging the event for the rest of the weekend to bring you updates on the event as it progresses. Thanks again to Corona Labs for sponsoring us in this year’s GGJ!