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Fort Phantom – Rendi’s pics (trying again)

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Most of mine had focus problems, and even these aren’t very sharp. I tried to lighten up the one with the Big Dipper but it is beyond me, I’m afraid.

However, I learned so much about light and about working with my camera. Thanks to all of you for your patience and encouragement. It was so fun to be with all of you.


Fort Phantom Light Painting

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dps photos (I hope)…

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Hope it works this time! Again, a pleasure being with you all for this…

Autumn’s Ft. Phantom Hill Photos

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Don’t ask me why, but the third one creeps me out a bit. Maybe putting the Phantom in Phantom Hill.


dps’ Fort Phantom Hill photos

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Had a great time with all of you!

Lighted Chimney

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What a fun group! Learning in community!

ISO 1600 - f/9 - 30sec Fort Phantom - Near Abilene, TX
ISO 1600 - f/9 - 30sec Fort Phantom, Near Abilene, TX

Fort Phantom Hill evening

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Thanks to Nil Santana and Donald Simpson for again helping our second faculty/staff lightpainting evening go so smoothly. Long-exposure shooting–like so much of digital photography–is a lot of experimentation, but fortunately the film is cheap.

If you joined us, please consider sharing a few of your favorites to the blog. For instructions on posting photos, see the Post by Email page.

To see and comment on the photos of other participants, click on the red Email Blog Posts link in the right sidebar. Look forward to seeing what everyone came away with.

Fort Phantom After Dark

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Digital Academy group shots

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Thanks to the dozens of ACU faculty members and their spouses who have joined us to make each Digital Academy a unique experience.


Fall 2015 – Gruene, Texas


Fall 2014 – Gruene, Texas


Spring 2013 – Gruene, Texas


Fall 2012 – Marfa, Texas


Fall 2012 – Gruene, Texas


Spring 2012 – Lightpainting at Fort Phantom


Spring 2012 – Gruene, Texas


Fall 2011 – Lightpainting at Fort Griffin


Fall 2011 – Gruene, Texas


Spring 2011 – Gruene, Texas


Fall 2010 – Gruene, Texas