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Two Nights in Marfa

1 Commentby   |  10.28.12  |  Lightpainting Marfa, Fall 2012

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Marfa. Please send 5-10 of your favorite images to the blog at (**using your ACU email address). Do let me know if you have trouble.


Cheryl’s Photos

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Fall Group Photos

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Nathan Driskell’s Photos

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Linda C’s photos

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Shewmakers pt 2

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Corey Patterson’s Pics (Part 2)

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Corey Patterson’s Pics (Part 1)

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Foster 3

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Foster 1

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  1. Really great detail shots from around town but the two portraits are my favorite. Creates a really nice thoughtful pose choosing not to look into the camera. Great choices.

  2. Great photos all the way around. The Essence of Sirloin is a nice curiosity, but the night shot of the tree and tower and of the river reflections are really nice. Great use of existing light.

  3. Kyle Dickson on Pictures from Gruene
    8:07 am, 04.17.13

    The unconventional perspective on the water tower is nice and the haunting portrait of that guy in a bar is gripping–he seems like he may pull a knife on you at any moment.

    Nice work, Paul.

  4. Really like the strange hanging lamp shades against the rustic wooden wall. Just engaging shapes, creating and breaking a pattern.

  5. Kyle Dickson on Gruene Pics
    6:41 pm, 04.15.13

    The leaf poking through the floor/fence is still one of my favorites. It feels as if it’s all on one focal plane but there is still some nice soft focus around the edges, and the pop of green at the center of what feels like a black-and-white background. Simple but really nice.

  6. Kyle Dickson on Al's Marfa Photos
    9:22 am, 11.02.12

    Thanks for joining us in Marfa. The barber shop photo reminds me that we could easily run an entire workshop of street photography here. Nicely composed.

  7. Kyle Dickson on Foster 3
    12:33 am, 09.26.12

    Lots of great shots, but the sharpness of your foreground tree as the river recedes behind is easily my favorite. Just pulls your attention immediately to it. Nice!

  8. Love all the night shooting, but the intensity of the color on the soundboard shot is stunning. Gives us the feeling of an exclusive back-stage pass (as opposed to an opportunely open window).

  9. Kyle Dickson on From Jeff Childers
    12:27 am, 09.26.12

    I just love the attempt to create a motion blur shot with the farmer speeding by on that tractor. That’s commitment.

  10. Kyle Dickson on dps photos (I hope)...
    3:47 pm, 04.20.12

    Such great color. What white balance settings were you using or did you color later?