The winners from the 2014 Springboard Ideas Challenge were announced at the Springboard Awards Dinner this past Tuesday evening.  This year’s winners include:

College Division

Grand Prize: Float 2 Swim, Morgan Hood
Float 2 swim is a floatation device unlike any other product on the market. Float 2 Swim serves as both a lifejacket and puddle jumper that effectively teaches young children how to swim without any effort of the child or parent. Float 2 Swim has an innovative approach to keeping children safe, while at the same time encouraging the child to learn the basics of swimming.

Second Place: NovaScore, Jason McVey and Rudy Garza
NovaScore is a software solution for educational institutions that allows students to use their mobile phones as an answer document.  The service automatically grades for instructors, generates detailed and filterable grade reports, and records academic performance over time into private personal profiles for students.

Third Place: Sign Me Up, Jeff Johnston
Sign Me Up offers exceptional, durable, highly noticeable garage sale signs at a low cost. The company also delivers and picks up signs at preferred locations, removing the hassle for their customers.

Values Award: Carefree Financial Solutions, Brandon Avedikian
Carefree Financial Solutions allows the elderly or those that care for them to focus on more important things instead of worrying about remembering to pay bills on time.

Community Growth Division

Grand Prize: iGreenPod, Shawn Altman and Chas Quissenberry
iGreenPod is a biodegradable coffee pod similar to the Keurig K-Cup. The iGreenPod coffee pod will compost with most home composts in just a few months. iGreenPod is focused on “Closing the Loop Back to Nature”.

Second Place: Nap Mat Carriers, Nicola Joshua
Nap Mat Carriers provides a line of nap mat bags for children’s nap mats that are durable and fashion forward. Nap Mat Carriers is a product that allows easy transport of children’s nap mats, pillows, and blankets to and from daycare or school.

Third Place: The Country Escape, Mike and Patty Smith
The Country Escape provides high quality, handcrafted products that emphasize fragrant aromas creating a welcoming and peaceful environment. The Country Escape has an extensive product line including candles, handcrafted soaps, lotion, essential oil, and much more.

Values Award: TruMud, Ryan Lynn.
TruMud manufactures an exclusive dry chemical storage and distribution system which dramatically diminishes environmental, human, and operating costs for the oil and gas industry.

Community Small Business Division

Grand Prize: Jacob Ray Creations, Jacob Ray
Jacob Ray Creations provides custom designed knives. The company allows the customer to find their perfect knife.

Second Place: Clean & Simple, William Suell
Clean & Simple is a premium laundry service that comes with professional folding and packaging, convenient pickup, and delivery to member’s homes within 48-hours. Clean & Simple strives to put quality time back into homes by taking away one of the most demanding needs families and students have on a daily basis.

Third Place: Academy of Life, D’Angelo and Janelle Sands
Academy of Life merges traditional etiquette and civility with modern professional and personal development. Academy of Life will offer classes, workshops, and seminars for etiquette, civility, and life skills for youth and adults.