Reviews are approaching! —POST ALL FIRST REVIEW ITEMS BY March 21th (note: FINAL Review Portfolio DUE March 15th)
  1. Soon you will receive notification regarding when, where, and with whom your Review meeting will take place.
  2. This will be a challenging time, but also an encouraging and helpful time as well. The Faculty are eager to review your work, pray over you, and to have conversations with you about your year in the GST and about your future.
  3. “How should I prepare for the meeting?” you ask. “And what should I expect?” Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Finish your Portfolio and first-year requirements, to the best of your ability. Be prepared to discuss and explain gaps or problems.
  • Become as familiar as possible with your own material, because faculty will engage you concerning that material. They may ask wide-ranging questions — about your Case Brief, your sense of vocation, your choice of artifacts and rationale for connecting them to certain Outcomes, and so forth. Time is brief, so you would not expect to converse about everything of interest in your Portfolios, but be assured Faculty will be taking all of it into consideration.
  • Since the Reviews will include two (or three) students, free conversation may ensue. Be sure to represent yourself well, but be wary of monopolizing conversation. I.e. be aware of your own interpersonal tendencies — retiring, dominating, or in-between — and manage yourself politely and well.
  • Dress appropriately — “business casual” (i.e. “smart,” for you Euro-influenced folks).
  • Be punctual. Show up at the designated place a few minutes early. Meetings will last about an hour, possibly a bit longer. (Meetings with three (3) students will last about 1.5 hours).
  • Feel free to bring a beverage (not a buffet), as you wish. Also, bring some means of referring to your Portfolio (e.g. a laptop, or print outs, if necessary).
  • After group conversation occurs, the reviewers will invite you to leave the room as they consult privately. They will bring students back in, privately, one at a time, for brief personal conversation.
  • After the Review is over, you may leave. Faculty will report their results to the Associate Dean, who will report final results to you in due course.