The Review provides occasion for faculty and students to collaborate in a formative experience, reflecting upon the student’s growth as revealed in the Portfolio and Artifacts.


the Review


Ministry students participate in two Reviews

for the purpose of reflecting on their ministry formation. The First Review occurs in the spring term corresponding to taking BIBM 657 Contexts of Ministry. The Final Review occurs in the term prior to graduation, corresponding to taking BIBM 675 Theological Reflection in Practice a zero credit module.

Reflection is the Purpose

The word reflection fits the purpose of reviews. Students reflect on their ministry preparation for reviews. Faculty guide and expand student reflection in the interview.  The review functions as a dialogue about how the parts of student work come together as ministry formation. Student preparation produces a constructive reflection of the journey (integrative). The reading and review allow for a collaborative assessment with peers and faculty (formative experience). The methods of measurement are a portfolio and a review as representation of students’ ministry preparedness along the four GST overarching practices.

First Review General Info
  • March 21st Complete Portfolio Due
  • Label (or group) First Review items
  • Identify Outcomes & Practices met
  • Take the English Bible Exam
  • Faculty use Mentor Report 1
  • Review Interview occurs in April
  • Review Interview focuses on the Synopsis 1 & Ministry Identity
  • GST Office schedules your Review Date & Time
Final Review General Info
  • March 15th Portfolio Due (Spring Grads)
  • Dec Graduation: Portfolio is due Oct 15th
  • Label (or group) Final Review items
  • Identify Learning Outcomes & Practices met
  • Pass the English Bible Exam
  • Faculty use Mentor Reports
  • Review Interview occurs in late March for Spring Grads
  • Review Interview focuses on the Synopsis 2 & Theology of Ministry
  • GST Office schedules your Review Date & Time