Adobe Spark | Video

Posted on Oct 20, 2016

The past two days, John Kaczmarek and I have tag teamed in presenting Adobe Mobile Apps: Capture, Comp, and Spark Video, to Dr. Anita Broxson’s Nursing students. They have been given the task of creating media for a project. The task of the Innovation Foundry was to provide them with some introductory information, along with sparking their imaginations as to what they can do with some of the Adobe tools they have access to. It is always amazing to see and hear the students be somewhat amazed at what they have access to and then create with those tools. The past two days were no exception to this. Beyond capturing and manipulating images with Adobe Capture, and storyboarding and/or finding the specific template a student might want to design in with Adobe Comp – the crowd favorite seems to be Adobe Spark Video. This was my third time in showing others what it can do (looking forward to showing a group of faculty on November 17th), so I had a little fun with it this time and actually created a video right in front of them, in about two minutes. Of course…it is totally random, but you could really tell that many of them were going to start using Adobe Spark Video right after class. Looking forward to seeing what they create!

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