Idea – CL

IDEA-CL: Student Feedback System




ACU adopted IDEA-CL in January 2015 with a full rollout in the summer. IDEA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve learning in higher education through research, assessment and professional development. IDEA supports the evaluation and development of both programs and people. In Fall of 2013 IDEA partnered with Campus Lab to provide the Campus Labs Course Evaluation platform that allows faculty, department chairs and deans to collect data on mobile devices, view response rates in real-time, administer multiple evaluations in a term, work with team-taught and cross-listed sections, and add course-specific questions, among many other customizable functions.

The two forms that ACU currently uses are the Diagnostic Feedback Form (40 questions + 3 faith questions) and the Learning Essential Form (18 questions + 3 faith questions). Most courses will use the Diagnostic form, but the Learning Essential form will be assigned according to specific course attributes.