Learning Space Design | Foundry Chat

Learning Space Design | Foundry Chat

One of the many services the Innovation Foundry provides is learning space design. This past Friday during an interactive chat, we discussed some fundamentals of learning space design and how to implement those principles in ACU classrooms. If you would like more information or a consult on your learning space, please contact our specialists by emailing if@acu.edu.

Mobile Photography | Tech Tune-Up

Mobile Photography | Tech Tune-Up

Today, we talked about several things:

  • How many photos have been taken with mobile devices
  • Are the images I capture with my mobile device truly special
  • Do I understand the mechanisms taking place when I capture an image
  • Is the mobile device I use to take images good enough for every situation
  • Do I understand how to go about changing my settings and environment for the best image possible

Yeah, it was a lot of content to cover, but we hope you were able to glean some valuable information as a result. We have provided a PDF for you to go through the presentation if you like, below:

Mobile Photography

If you would like to know more about how to take better photos, we highly recommend the following:

Inspiration and other sites:

  • Apple – Apple’s official site for training anyone how to take better photos with an iPhone
  • Photojojo – Great gadgets for your smart phone


iPhone Settings and Apps | Tech Tune-Up

Something we should all be aware of and need to be very proactive about it making sure our data is safe. With a very connected world, the ability to access information from a connected device is a modern wonder. However, when you do not provide adequate settings and security, you have just left yourself open to a connected world. How many “robo-calls” have you received this year? The ability to connect with your number, your wi-fi, or even your email becomes easier and easier for those in the know. However, the good news is that the makers of your smartphone are running, and for the most part winning, the race against those trying to beat their systems. Think about all of those updates…

Today, we are wanting to take a look at your iPhone Settings, as well as recommend some useful apps that will help you with your everyday work, as well as life in general.

iPhone Manual

iPhone User Guide for iOS 10

iPhone User Guide for iOS 11

14 Privacy and Security Settings every iOS User Should Use

There are several apps that would be beneficial for you to have on your iPhone, that will enable you to have access to certain files and software, as well as help you capture things you experience every day.

Here is a previous blog post containing some of the Best iPhone Apps for Faculty and Staff

Foundry Chat: Data Visualization I

The Innovation Foundry has begun a three-part series on data visualization for the Fall semester as a part of our Foundry Chats. I began the series looking at the importance of data that conveys its meaning. We began by looking at the fundamentals as presented in a Venn Diagram by David McCandless. His ample supply of great imagery in his books Knowledge Is Beautiful and The Visual Miscellaneum as well as his website Informationisbeautiful.net provide examples galore as to what makes a good infographic. In future sessions, we will look at how to wireframe an infographic based on the data and then how to carry out creating some simple infographics. Check out the events tab to find the next session and join us.