NEXTLab | ACU Engineering and Physics

The Innovation Foundry has begun a partnership with ACU’s NEXTLab ( as a way for their students to bring their poster presentation creations to us for guidance and help with their visual representations. The NEXTLab mission is to provide global solutions to the world’s need for: energy that is less expensive and safer, water that is pure and abundant, and medical isotopes used to diagnose and treat cancer. By advancing the technology of molten salt reactors while educating the NEXT generation of leaders in nuclear science and engineering.

Caleb Hicks was one of the engineering students we were able to help. Below, you can click on the link to see one of the posters Caleb presented at a conference. Although not specifically a NEXTLab poster, it represents the kind of research the engineering students are doing. We are grateful for these types of partnerships, as well as what the ACU Engineering Faculty and Students are doing!

Link to Caleb Hicks Poster Presentation PDF