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Making in the Library with Adobe

At the Learning Studio, we work to connect everyone on campus with the resources they need to be creative. This week, in partnership with our friends in the Maker Lab, we launched #MakeMerry on Facebook and Twitter. We enjoyed making Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and pop tarts during Finals Week along with the opportunity to share some of our favorite Adobe projects from ACU students and faculty.

But the #MakeMerry promotion also reminded us of some of the passionate, inventive makers and storytellers we work with every day. This week we’ve been promoting Adobe tools we use year-round in our work making the library the creative hub of the ACU campus.

Here are just a couple of the ways that Adobe Creative Cloud makes our work possible.

Download Adobe CC software

Adobe CC Inspiration

#MakeMerry Branding, Nathan Driskell (Learning Studio Media Production Specialist)

Some of my most creative moments happen during the holidays. A change of pace is sometimes all it takes to connect the dots of a certain idea or discover a new way of doing things.” Nathan Driskell has been with the Learning Studio for most of our 5 years on campus and regularly leads video production projects, workshops for filmmakers, and most of the visual communications for us on the web, print, and social media. To produce the branding for the #MakeMerry promotion this year, Nathan developed original artwork in Illustrator that could be delivered to the web or digital signs as a still image. Then he also developed animations in After Effects that introduced simple motion to the branding elements to add a dash of holiday cheer to the videowall.  

Maker Lab Sign, Darren Wilson (Maker Lab Coordinator)

Darren Wilson joined the Maker Lab team this summer and led the design of the 6-foot tall box that welcomed visitors to the library this Homecoming. “We wanted to create some sort of mobile presence that would point people to the Maker Lab.” The project started life as a simple concept—a one-sided sign—but continued to evolve into a four-sided box you interact or play with. “I designed the inter-locking case in Illustrator and then gave those files to our student workers who in turn ran with it. Each side of the sign represents a different student worker and something they contributed.” In the future, individual panels can be replaced with new ones, meaning this is a project that will never be finished!


LS Productions

Vision in Action – spotlight on Halbert-Walling project

CNC Router Tutorial – how-to videos with the Maker Lab

After Zoey – backstage with ACU Theatre

Cup of Coffee – Chandler Graf’s talk for TEDxACU 2017

Next Steps – Jackie Beth Shilcutt performs at TEDxACU

Interactive Design workshop in the LS

This week the Art & Design department brought in Andy Pratt from San Francisco to lead a two-day workshop on Interactive Design. Fifteen students were selected to participate in the interactive workshop that ran Thursday and Friday this week in the Learning...

Introducing Lightboard

Since January one project we've been excited to share with the campus is our new Lightboard in the main studio. We're currently piloting the tool with faculty in a few classes, and look forward to making it more broadly available in the future. Join us next Thursday...

FilmFest training workshops

This semester we're working with the FilmFest folks to lead off their 24-hour FilmFest events with a workshop introducing crucial techniques. We'll kick off the series this week with our first on Friday.   How to Get Great Sound in Your Film In filmmaking, good...

Upper Level 360

Thanks to Mathew Bardwell in the Learning Studio for capturing the final stage of the progress of shifting collections from the top floor of the library to the new compact shelving downstairs. Library staff moved 12,012 shelves in the last month, just over 35,000...

Lynda for iPad and iPhone also offers mobile access for smartphones and tablets, providing full access to all their courses wherever you are. 1. First Log in to — you MUST login on a desktop browser BEFORE iOS apps will work. 2. Next download the App for iOS  3....

How to Shoot Video with a Canon 60D So you just checked out one of the Learning Studio's Canon DSLR cameras, and you go to shoot your first short film. But the process is a little trickier than you expected. DSLRs were originally built for still photography, but today many of...

Storytelling with Study Abroad

Again this spring we worked with students at ACU's campus in Leipzig, Germany, as well as with on-site faculty Derek and Rachel Brown to take digital storytelling overseas. Students spent two days in workshops developing scripts, recording audio, and editing stories...

Adobe CC coming to campus

For the last few years access to Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator has been limited to a handful of computers on campus. This summer that will change as the university signs a campus license for all software packages in Adobe Creative Cloud. Students and...

eBooks for iPad: Faculty Resources

Those of us in the library monitoring ebooks closely wanted to share some details as many of you begin making textbook decisions for the fall. By now the majority of students on the ACU campus have access to an iPad, presenting ACU faculty with a unique opportunity to...