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WATCH: How to Shoot Video with a Canon 60D

Posted on Jun 8, 2014

So you just checked out one of the Learning Studio’s Canon DSLR cameras, and you go to shoot your first short film. But the process is a little trickier than you expected.

DSLRs were originally built for still photography, but today many of them also shoot video, and they’ve been prized by filmmakers for the quality of the images they produce. Yet shooting video on a Canon 60D isn’t quite as intuitive as shooting photos.

In our first installment of the Gear Up series, the Learning Studio’s Nathan Driskell gives you a three-minute checklist to get you up and running with video production using the Canon 60D.

For more advice on shooting with your DSLR, stop by the Learning Studio and ask a Media Assistant for help on your next project.


DSLR Filmmaking on

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 12.59.59 AMOnce you’re comfortable with how to set-up the camera, check out a course on to continue to develop your skills.

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Lynda for the holidays

Posted on Dec 11, 2013

In our first year of, we’ve had 731 users view 4,310 different videos. Teachers have assigned Lynda content to support specific assignments or as a textbook replacement in some subject areas.

To get a sense of the variety of potential uses of Lynda content, just look at the list of our 12 most viewed courses in 2013.

1. Excel Essential Training

2. Premiere Pro Essential Training

3. C# Essential Training

4. QuickBooks Pro Essential Training

5. After Effects Essential Training

6. XML Training

7. Illustrator Essential Training

8. Time Management Fundamentals

9. Photoshop Essential Training

10. Sales Skills Fundamentals

11. Ruby Essential Training

12. Maya Essentials


If you’re looking to learn a new skill or piece of software over the holidays, don’t miss our 12 Days of Lynda playlist.

And if you’re teaching with next spring, you can create your own playlists to share with students as well. Here is a quick tutorial for how to create them.


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Learning Studio: Unboxed

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Thanks to our media production specialists Matt Bardwell and Nathan Driskell and the student staff for the next Unboxed short. We’ve continued to see steady growth in our Checkout Gear pool and wanted to make folks aware of some of our advanced video production options like the pop-up green screens.

If Drew inspired you to check one out, here are a couple resources that will make your first green screen project a little easier.


Vimeo Video School

The staff at Vimeo introduce the basics of lighting and editing your green screen footage that any student would be capable of replicating with minimal training. We also have copies of After Effects up in the Learning Studio if you want to work with advanced software; otherwise, green screen tools are also available in iMovie and Camtasia.

. Advanced Course

When you get the green screen bug, follow-up with an intermediate course at Members of the ACU community have access to all titles; just make sure you log into Lynda before visiting the the following course page.

  1. Log into
  2. Advanced Green Screen Techniques course


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Over 80,000 video tutorials

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 offers 1,500 courses on over 400 software titles but they’re not simply a “tech training” resource. The following courses will give you an idea of their range.


Here are a few examples to give you some idea of the variety of the content.

Core Data for iOS

DSLR Video Tips

Effective Public Speaking

Effective Resumes

Excel 2010 Essentials

Google Docs Essentials

Illustrator CS6 Intermediate

iPad Music Production

Night & Low-Light Photography
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Lynda for iPad and iPhone

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 also offers mobile access for smartphones and tablets, providing full access to all their courses wherever you are.

1. First Log in to — you MUST login on a desktop browser BEFORE iOS apps will work.

2. Next download the App for iOS 

3. At the login screen, tap “Web Portal Access” and enter ““.

4. Finally, use your MyACU login to complete the Lynda login.

When you first log into from your desktop browser, you are asked to customize your profile with your name and email address. This is a Required step connecting your MyACU account to a Lynda profile, syncing your progress on courses across apps and browsers.


iOS Training on Lynda

Mobile devices are increasingly the first screen we turn to. includes a growing collection of courses that enable you to produce a range of content for the iPad or iPhone.

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