Reserve an Idea Room

The idea rooms are far more than small-group study carrells. They provide the perfect blend of analog and digital to get your project started.

All group rooms in the facility CAN BE RESERVED by current students and faculty at Other group spaces, like the Digital Diners, are available to groups without a reservation.


Idea 1, 2, 3, 4  (2-4 people)

    Each idea room offers the same capabilities so they’re interchangeable.

  • LCD and MacMini computer
  • 2 whiteboard walls for outlining ideas quickly
  • Flexible furniture you can move as needed


Reservations at


Group Room Policies

  • Reserve a room online or at the Info Desk before sitting down.
  • Groups rooms are designed for groups. The rest of the floor is available for individual study.
  • Batteries and dry erase markers are available at the Info Desk.
  • Please clean up tables and whiteboards before you leave.