Reserve a Studio Room

The studios are similar to idea rooms with the addition of studio microphones and mobile video capabilities for recording a podcast or practice speech.

All group rooms in the facility CAN BE RESERVED by current students and faculty at Other group spaces, like the Digital Diners, are available to groups without a reservation.


Studio 1  (1-4 people)

    The first studio is available for web reservation and is perfect for interviews with multiple speakers.

  • LCD and iMac computer
  • 2 studio microphones and digital interface
  • New home of the One Button Studio


Studio 2  (1-4 people)

    The second studio is sometimes reserved for Speaking Center tutoring. Please check availability on the web or at the Info Desk.

  • LCD and iMac computer
  • Blue Yeti USB microphone available for checkout from main desk


Reservations at


Group Room Policies

  • Reserve a room online or at the Info Desk before sitting down.
  • Groups rooms are designed for groups. The rest of the floor is available for individual study.
  • Batteries and dry erase markers are available at the Info Desk.
  • Please clean up tables and whiteboards before you leave.