How do we live, learn and communicate in a digital world?

This question has been at the core of the Learning Studio since its inception. Over the years, we’ve gained key insights into the diverse, evolving realm of media creation, and we’ve helped empower students and faculty members of all different skill levels to harness new tools to deliver meaningful and powerful messages.

It matters to us, because we’re professional media creators ourselves. Our work has taken us all over campus, across the country and around the globe in pursuit of compelling stories relevant to our community and the world it seeks to impact.


We provide students and faculty a place to develop ideas, and the tools to share those ideas with a global audience.


The Learning Studio was designed to be a force multiplier for creative, collaborative solutions to meaningful problems.


We work alongside the ACU community to seek out new ways of understanding our world through the creative process.

Expert Staff

The Learning Studio is a campus hub for expertise in digital media creation. Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds, but we all share a passion for shaping messages that matter.

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Our Results

The numbers don’t lie. Since we opened, the Learning Studio has carefully collected and analyzed data to recognize our successes and learn from our failures.

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Original Productions

Every semester we seek out stories that resonate with our community and capture them on film.

The Learning Studio was made possible through a generous gift from AT&T.