To fully explore how media shapes our world, we need to create it, not just consume it.

It’s why we constantly seek out compelling stories in and around our community and capture them in short film projects. And not just in West Texas—in fact, our staff film team has traveled more than 14,000 miles in service to the faithful documentation of stories beyond our backyard. We believe this kind of work is important, and it’s congruent with our mission to inspire students and faculty to share messages that matter with the world.


We Are Makers

In 2013, the Learning Studio produced the world’s first documentary on the Maker Movement. The film was widely celebrated and has now been viewed in almost every country in the world.

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Throughout the World

The story and value of an ACU education on foreign shores.


Scaling the Ladder

Jack Maxwell explores the intersection of 3D printing and sculpture.


Counting the Days

Stop-motion timelapse welcoming freshmen to campus.


The Marshmallow Challenge

A challenge to ACU freshmen, and the value of being a generalist.


Rolando Diaz: A Maker Lab Story

Painter Rolando Diaz collaborates with the ACU Maker Lab.


Angry Bird Challenge

ACU physics students construct catapults with character.


The Mission

Faculty and staff reflect on the mission of ACU.


ACU Digital Academy

ACU faculty learn to see the world differently through their cameras.