One Button Studio

The Learning Studio is proud to announce the new One Button Studio, your personal video studio for recording practice speeches and presentations. Reserve a slot in Studio 1 to check it out.



The One Button Studio was developed by Penn State University to simplify the process of producing video content. The installation in the Learning Studio was part of a pilot with PSU, the first of its kind outside the Penn State system.



Step 1: Insert USB drive. When you insert your flash drive, the studio lights and camera will automatically turn on.

Step 2: Push button. When instructed, press the big silver button. You’ll receive a 5-second countdown before the camera begins recording.

Step 3: Begin filming. Now that you don’t have to worry about setting up the lights and camera, you can focus on what you have to say. . . so make it good!

Step 4: Push button / remove drive. When you’re finished, press the button one more time to stop recording and save your video to your USB drive. WAIT to remove your drive until the on-screen prompt says it’s ok.


Now What?

After you’ve recorded your video, it’s time to share it with a wider audience! Here are a few options:

Google Drive – As an ACU user, you have unlimited storage on your Google Drive. From MyACU, click the DRIVE link at the top of the screen and then select the Upload button (next to CREATE). After the upload is complete, you can share the file as you would any Google Doc.


YouTube – Every ACU user also has a YouTube account through their email address. First open MyACU Mail, then go to YouTube and click on the Sign In box in the upper-right corner. Then select Upload.


Files / Class Folders – All users also have file storage in MyACU under the Files link. From here, you can upload to your Home folder for personal use, a Class folder for course-work, or the Web folder to immediately give others access to a file via the Internet.

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