As part of its mission to advance the effective use of technology for teaching and learning at ACU, the Innovation Foundry (IF) recently partnered with the Theatre Department to design and develop a Mobile App for education and promotion of student performance during the theatrical season at ACU.  

The Mobile App, ACU Theatre, allows a user to see the ACU Theatre’s season brochure of plays, view each show individually, purchase tickets directly, as well as provide season ticket and contact information.  In addition, the app offers student information and helpful links on how to apply to ACU and audition for the Department of Theatre to become a Theatre major.   Adam Hester, Department of Theatre Professor says, “The ACU Theatre app is an exciting step forward in promoting the Theatre for our current students, patrons and future students. I am grateful the ACU Theatre could get in on the ground floor to test an app for both academic and promotional uses.”

Utilizing a challenge-based and team-based approach to technological innovation, the team in the Innovation Foundry reached out to WildCat Software, which is a student run software development organization in the School of Information Technology and Computing.

Brandon DeLano in the School of Information Technology and Computing (SITC) stated that this was Wildcats Software’s first time in using the technology and cross-platform development tool known as PhoneGap.  “We investigated its viability while delivering a useful product.  During the development process, the team was able to overcome several challenges and deliver a system that was compatible on both iOS and Android within a few short weeks.  The team enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with both the Innovation Foundry and Theater Department and looks forward to partnering again on future projects.”

The resulting app is useful not only as a playbill for Theatre productions but through special request,  the Innovation Foundry will work with Wild Cat software to utilize the app framework for other purposes at ACU and elsewhere.

Dr. Marisa Beard, Director of the Innovation Foundry shared, “Part of our goal in the Innovation Foundry is to empower the ACU community in leveraging technology to solve real-world problems and to equip them with digital skills for the future.  As ACU Theatre, Wildcat Software and the Innovation Foundry collaborated on the app, it was an opportunity for all of us to solve the real-world programming challenge.”