Why Maker Lab?

The Maker Lab is a place on the ACU campus where students, faculty, and staff give form to their ideas. The significant opportunity the Maker Lab brings to students is the opportunity to develop skills in ideation, design, creativity, prototyping, and collaboration that allow them to fully participate in shaping the world around them. The Maker Lab is an ideation studio and prototyping shop that reflects a broader concept called “Maker Movement”—a global sub-culture that is focused on rapid fabrication of innovative products that address personal interests and sometimes broader societal problems.

Maker Lab Spotlight

Watch Molly and Kati talk about a group project they worked on as part of a course taught in the Maker Lab for Occupational Therapy graduate students. The short video is a perfect example of how creativity combined with making and applied to problem solving can be helpful in any discipline. They were able to fully grasp the process from ideation to prototyping, and apply it to a very specific issue. 


We would love to see you here making something. But first you need to register and watch our training videos.

Get Started



All users must first sign up and sync their ACU ID using a card-slider and iPad located at the front desk. This will grant makers access to fabrication areas and all equipment. Please ask for assistance if you have trouble doing so. Any time you come to work on a project you must sign in by sliding your ACU ID. A provisional ID will be issued to outside users.


Training and Safety


We know you can’t wait long enough to start your newest project. But training is our first priority in the Maker Lab. Please watch all required training and safety videos. After you have finished the training sessions, you’ll be asked to perform a few safety procedures accompanied by one of our supervisors (we call them Maker On Duty, or MODs for short). If all goes well, only then you’ll be able to enjoy our tools and facilities on your own.

Please follow this link and read the instructions carefully from our Training and Safety page.


Combining digital fabrication and rapid prototyping with traditional tools, the Maker Lab is here to facilitate ideation and prototyping process.


Maker Lab welcomes Dr. Brent Reeves

Professor Reeves has been granted a Faculty Fellowship to develop an Honors Colloquium using drones in collaboration with the Maker Lab. He’s using creativity and making while developing quad-copter projects with a few students this semester. They are exploring various materials, aircraft designs, and flying FPV.



Maker Lab and OT on ARN

Occupational Therapy graduate students and Maker Lab were featured on front cover of our local newspaper Abilene Reporter New. The students 3D-printed prosthetic hands as a project for their class, and they did an amazing job! Congrats to everyone who worked hard and...

KRBC covers story on Maker Lab

KRBC’s Isaac Ramirez visited the Maker Lab last year, and run a short story on recent projects being developed, as well as the great potential for growth and expansion. Watch video...

Make Stuff Up with Nil Santana

Announcing the return of our Make Stuff Up series! The first one of the semester will be September 17 (time TBA)! It will be a laser cutter demo taught by Nil Santana. He will be instructing those who attend on the basics of laser cutting, including planning, design,...

Maker Academy ’15

The ACU Maker Lab is offering its second Maker Academy this summer. Classes combine problem-solving activities with technology, and the basics of rapid prototyping and digital fabrication. In this fun and informative camp, participants engage in challenging and...

Nil’s trike project

Here’s a shot of my most recent trike project. This has been a fun project to work on. The frame was hacked from an Outback mountain board I’ve had for about five years (used for windsurfing on parking lots during winter). The electric motor kit for rear...

Maker Academy 2014

The ACU Maker Lab is offering its first Maker Academy this summer. Classes combine problem-solving activities, technology, with contemporary maker movement. Students will learn design thinking, the basics of rapid prototyping and digital fabrication, and how to...

Our Favorite Projects

Below you’ll find a simple collection of projects done by various makers during a normal semester in the Maker Lab. Those projects are usually done by students, faculty, and staff who love making things up. They’ve walked the extra mile, spending additional time on campus, simply for the challenge of working on something fun, and learn from it.