Our Epilog laser cutter came in on Thursday and Nil Santana, Lyndell Lee and I have been burning it up all weekend. Here’s a shot of partial results from a day of tinkering:


3d logo and wood letters

3d logo and wood letters

We started off using cardboard boxes left over from recent equipment shipments. We next moved to some rigid cardboard-like stock and finally to a half-inch solid wood plank. You can cut the cardboard at 100% speed and a fairly low power so cutting out almost any shape is very fast. We cut the wood at 100% power and 3% speed, which turned out to be too slow.


You can see the burn marks on the following two photos:

mlabwood2 mlabwood

It just takes a lot of experimentation to figure out power, speed and other settings. If you’re interested in using the laser cutter in your class, send us an email at makerlab@acu.edu. Plan on doing a lot of this before using it in class:


It’s totally worth it. I haven’t had this much fun in years.

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