In support of learning by doing and serendipitous discovery, the Maker Lab seeks applications for Inventor Grants. Inventor Grants support individuals who have a personal project they wish to pursue. The Maker Lab will award up to $250 per project.


1. Students, staff, and faculty are eligible to apply (one grant per individual).
2. Projects MUST be completed by end of February 2018.
3. Projects must produce a demonstrable product at Maker Fest during spring semester.

What You Get:

• $250 toward equipment and supplies—each applicant must present a cost estimate for project (available on application form).
• Access to Maker Lab tools and equipment.
• A community of makers to act as a sounding board.
• A chance to share what you’ve done with others.

What We Ask:

• Grants should be used for equipment and supplies needed for the project.  You will keep copies of receipts as you go.
• Inventor grant winners should work on their projects in the Maker Lab and be part of the Maker community. We suggest a minimum of 2 hours per week.
• Provide ongoing documentation of the project by making at least two contributions to the Maker Lab blog or social media. Documentation includes photos of work in progress and a description of the build process.  At project end, provide a short, 500 word reflection on how the project impacted personal learning. This reflection may be posted to the Maker Lab blog.
• Take part in the Maker Fest event during spring semester—mid-March. Tell others about your project. Share some insights.




The Innovator Grants are designed to encourage students to address real life problems in practical ways.  As part of a team, students will reimagine, design, and execute solutions that address important issues facing local communities or the larger world today. Innovator Grants demonstrate the university’s commitment to educate students to make a difference and to provide holistic learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. The Maker Lab will award up to $800 per project.


1. Teams must have at least 3 people and must consist entirely of currently enrolled ACU students.
2. Each team must have a faculty mentor who acts in an advisory capacity.
3. Teams may submit only one proposal.
4. Students may be on only one Innovator Grant team.
5. Project MUST be completed by end of February 2018 or earlier.
6. Teams must produce a demonstrable product at Maker Fest during spring semester—mid-March.

Additionally, all funded teams must agree to the following terms:

1. Follow the rules associated with stipends for the Innovator Grant.
2. Communicate regularly with faculty mentor.
3. Keep Maker Lab informed about status of project.
4. Attend any special workshops and meet-ups for Innovator Grant teams.
5. Present work at Maker Fest in the spring semester.
6. Submit “lessons learned” reflection of experience to Maker Lab blog by semester end.

Application Proposal

The team proposal must be a clearly articulated, well-researched document describing the team’s idea and how it will be accomplished.  Remember that initial judging will be based solely on the proposal, so make it count.

Proposals at minimum should include the following sections:

1. Summary statement – Three or four sentences describing your idea and what it is for.
2. Problem background – Describe the issue you are trying to address, why it is a concern, and why it is important. Support this section with research showing the extent of the problem.
3. Proposed solution – Describe the product, service, or solution you intend to provide. Explain what it will do.
4. Opportunity for impact – Describe how your idea will do something unique to address the problem. Why do you think your idea will work?
5. Cost estimation – A list of supplies and materials you will need for the project.