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3 Industries Facing a Labor Shortage…and How ACU Can Help

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The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) reported in 2016 that nearly 70 percent of HR professionals experienced challenging recruiting conditions. Hiring issues include skills shortages, insufficient work experience, and, in some cases, lack of educational credentials.

Industries in which hiring managers are seeing a greater need for workers with advanced degrees include nursing, social services, and business. Let’s take a look at these three industries facing a labor shortage… and how ACU can help fill these gaps.


SHRM’s report shows healthcare is expected to grow rapidly, and with this comes the need for nurses and nursing leadership. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reported the shortage of nurses also stems from a shortage in nurse educators. A doctor of nursing practice degree (DNP) can prepare you for practitioner, supervisory, and educational positions such as director of nursing, chief nursing officer, director of clinical practice, or nursing professor. ACU’s DNP program is available completely online, allowing you to complete your terminal degree while still working in the field.

Social Services

The U.S. Department of Labor reports social service-related careers will grow faster than the average occupation through 2024. People of ages and stages of their lives increasingly need professional help overcoming personal, professional, or family-related issues.

ACU Online offers a master of marriage and family therapy which can prepare you to work with couples, children, and others in faith-based or secular settings. Ministry also allows you to serve others in communities around the country and the globe. ACU Online offers a master of arts in global service and a master of arts in Christian ministry, both of which can help you answer your calling to help others.

Business reports the business field has a growing need for qualified executives, such as senior managers and CEOs. A master of business administration, or MBA, gives you the leadership, organizational, decision-making, and management skills to advance in your career. ACU’s online, faith-based MBA program also prepares you to lead and serve guided by Christian values.

An MBA isn’t the only advanced degree that could make you more marketable for top leadership roles. A master of science in organizational development, with its emphasis on the workplace, prepares you to work in operations or human resources. Earning a master of science in management can expand your analytical and strategy skills and prepare you for higher-level roles in businesses of all kinds.


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