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Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2013

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Outstanding Poster Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and

  • Blaine Smith, Senior Biology major – “Klotho protects lung epithelial cells against oxidant DNA damage” 
  • Ben Cobb, Freshmen Biology major – “Chemotherapy’s Major Flaw: Revealing Stress’ and Dexamethasone’s Counter-Productivity in Chemotherapy”
  • Zack Morgan, Senior Biology major – “Establishing recA as a Gene Involved in Natural Transformatin among Aeromonads” 

Outstanding Poster Presentation in Social Science, Arts and Humanities

  • Stephanie Fink, Senior Art major – “Lagniappe: an unexpected gift” 
  • Elizabeth Ellery, Senior Psychology major – “Social Modeling in Media from Aardvarks to Zombies: A comparison of prosocial and aggressive themes in Mattel’s Monster High and Public Broadcasting System’s Arthur” 

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and

  • Andrew Miller, Senior Physics major – “PyCBC: A Toolkit for Advanced-Detector Era Gravitational Wave Data Analysis”
  • Adam Simpson, Senior Physics and Mathematics major – “Imaging sound to measure thermal contact between AlN and Si”
  • David Reynolds, Senior Mathematics major – “Bridges on a Tile Floor” 

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Social Science

  • Kholo Theledi, Junior Family Studies and Gerentology major – “Analysis of Political Inequality”
  • Dylan Brugman, Senior Political Science and Sociology major – “Examining Gender Relations in the Book of Twilight.”
  • Kaitlyn Howell, Senior Education major, and Ellen Smith, Senior English – Teaching major – “The role of reading response in two elementary classrooms: A comparative case study”

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Arts and Humanities

  • Rebekah Horton, Senior English and Marketing major – ‘Epiphanies as a Structure in “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’” 
  • Heather Kregel, Senior English major – “Physicians in the Literature of Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson: Portraying the Icons of Changing Times”
  • Toni Maisano, Junior Communicaion major – “More Than Just a Piece in Their Games: A Rhetorical Analysis of Identification in ‘The Hunger Games’” 

Mentors of the Year:

-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year 

  • Dr. Brian Cavitt, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

-Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

  • Dr. Lauren Lemley, Department of Communication

-Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

  • Dr. Stephen Baldridge, School of Social Work

Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2012

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Three (3) Outstanding Poster Presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:

   Hillary Eichelberger and James Huddleston
   When Being a Variant is Advantageous: A Role for Chromatin Remodeling After TBP                  Recruitment, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Lee, ACU Chemistry and Biochemistry

   Charles Holt and Jacob Lowry
   Phenyl Acrylate Synthesis, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Cavitt, ACU Chemistry and                            Biochemistry

   Jonathan Urbanczyk
   Effect of Crystal Absence on Heat Resistance of Bacillus Spores in SEA and BHI, Faculty              Mentor: Dr. Gary Wilson, McMurry University Biology

Two (2) Outstanding Poster Presentations in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts:

   Wiepie Rojas
   Food Disparity: A Glance at the Navajo Reservation, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael                       Nicodemus, ACU Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

   Katie Thornton, Morgan Myer, and Elizabeth Ellery
   The Monster of Sexualized Children’s Media, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker, ACU      Psychology

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics:

   Allison Songstad
   Global Gene Expression Analysis in the Mdr1a Knockout Rat, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Autumn        Sutherlin, ACU Chemistry and Biochemistry

   David Reynolds
   Finding the Best Solution among Multiple Optimal Solutions, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason            Holland, ACU Mathematics

   Walker Nikolaus
   Studying What’s inside the Proton, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rusty Towell, ACU Engineering and      Physics

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in the Social Sciences:

   Jared Perkins
   Congregations in Community: An Analysis of the Effects of Congregation Location on Social    Welfare Involvement, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Suzie Macaluso, ACU Sociology and Family Studies

   Wiepie Rojas
   “Gardening with Grace:” The Effectiveness of a Community Garden on Building Community,       Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Camp, ACU Communication

   Farron Salley
   Framing Net Neutrality: The Media Coverage of Media Ownership, Faculty Mentor: Dr.              Susan Lewis, ACU Journalism and Mass Communication

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in the Humanities and Arts:

   Allye Foster
   The Illusions of Sex on TV: The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Faculty Mentor: Dr.            Lauren Lemley, ACU Communication

   Austin Holt
   What Happened to Lament?, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Glenn Pemberton, ACU Bible, Missions and    Ministry

   Margaret Moore
   Constitutive Rhetoric and the Taqwacore Culture, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lauren Lemley, ACU       Communication

Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2011

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  • Utilizing Tropical Forage Legumes to Supplement Young Goats Fed a Basal Diet of Sudangrass Hay Tiffany Lutz, Spencer Fox (Dr. Florah Mhlanga, agricultural and environmental sciences)
  • For the Love of Love: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Bachelor Amanda Goodall (Dr. Lauren Lemley, communication)
  • A Spirituality of Place: Holy Space in Torah and Celtic Christianity Rebekah Childers (Dr. Rodney Ashlock, Bible, missions and ministry)
  • Determining an Interaction Between the Enterococcus Faecalis Enzymes: Acetoacetyl-CoA Thiolase/HMG-CoA Reductase and HMG-CoA Synthase Holly Perkins (Dr. Autumn Sutherlin, chemistry and biochemistry)
  • Influence of Science Experiments Before College Enrollment on Choice of Major Erin Boyd (Dr. Cynthia Powell, chemistry and biochemistry)
  • A Student-Created Textbook Replacement Courtney Richardson and Courtney Martin (Dr. Mark Phillips, management sciences)
  • Would You Jump?: Correlates of Risk-Taking and Openness Austin Fontaine, Kyle Anderson and Avery Weems (Cherisse Flanagan, psychology)
  • Problem-Solving with Monty Hall Sarah Gallaway (Dr. Connie Yarema and Dr. Mark Riggs, mathematics)


  • Mobile Devices in a Project-Based Physics Classroom: Developing NETS-S in Students Stacie McConnell (Dr. Billie McConnell, teacher education)
  • Progress Toward a Better Synthesis of a Potential Chemotherapeutic Agent Joseph Loh and Sarah Shoultz (Dr. Greg Powell, chemistry and biochemistry)
  • The Efficacy of Oromyofunctional Therapy in the Remediation of the Reverse Swallow Pattern Alyssa Bowyer and Rebecca Hopkins (Dr. Denise Barnett, communication sciences and disorders)
  • A Supervening Study into Insecticide Resistance Evan Jones (Dr. Qiang Xu, biology)
  • Academic Challenge Posed by Abilene Christian University’s Teacher Education Program Janille Stephens (Dr. Sheila Delony, teacher education)
  • Molecular and Morphological Comparisons of Mentzelia monoensis and M. montana Levi Gates (Dr. Joshua Brokaw, biology)


Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2010

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Poster presentations in the social sciences, humanities and arts

  • Sandra Amstutz – An analysis of the blogging trends of 18 to 25-year-olds and how this affects the future of blogs
  • Tami Trylko – Improving infection control through evidence-based design strategies for a community hospital

Poster presentations in science, technology and mathematics

  • Nathan Pickle, Colter Lane – Construction and testing of a tunable infrared diode laser
  • Holly Perkins – Expression, purification and characterization of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Synthase double-mutant enzyme A110G/79A and the characterization of HMGS mutants D184A, D184N and S308A from enterococcus faecalis
  • Tyler Hague – Using geometry description markup language to store the geometry of FNAL E-906

Oral presentations in arts and humanities

  • Erin Halstead – The authoritarian voice in the speech of college-aged women
  • David Degge – Dig-ga dut dut dig-ga dut dut: Drumming with Steve Reich

Oral presentations in science, technology and mathematics

  • Jason Davis – Use of a naturally occurring source of sulfur to control gastrointestinal nematodes in small ruminants
  • Brittany Kight – iPhone and iPad research
  • Kelsey Young – Energy transfer, fragmentation and chemical reactivity of peptides with modified F-SAM surfaces

Oral presentations in social sciences

  • Michelle Woods, Ashley Henderson – The importance of effective professional development
  • Barrett Lawson, Jordan Traub – Online gaming and life satisfaction: A social study of the World of Warcraft

Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2009

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Winning Papers in Science and Technology:

  • Outstanding: Daniel Jumper, Major: Engineering Physics. “Using Phonon Imaging to Measure CaWO4 Elastic Constants,” Mentor: Dr. Tim Head
  • Distinguished: Michelle Tonkin, Major: Biochemistry.”Going Green with Microwaves,” Mentor: Dr. Greg Powell
  • Commended: Marcus Mace, Major: Mathematics. “Factorials and Squares,” Mentor: Dr.  Alexander Karabegov

Winning Papers in Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts:

  • Outstanding: Kelline Linton, major: Journalism. “Newspaper Coverage of Texas Supreme Court Cases,” Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Pybus
  • Distinguished: Bethany McLemore, major: Music.  “Impression: Revolution,” Mentor: Dr.Gregory Straughn
  • Commended: Madison Saniuk, major: Political Science. “Chavez, Uribe, and The Prince: ‘Machiavellian’ Politics in Contemporary Latin America,” Mentor: Dr. Mel Hailey

Winning Poster Presentations in Science and Technology:

  • Outstanding: Kendra Gregory, major: Environmental Science.”The Growth Potential of TropicalForage Legumes Grown in a Semi Arid Region of Honduras,” Mentor: Dr. Florah Mhlanga
  • Distinguished: Katie Kirkpatrick, major: Animal Science. “Effect of RADEX on the Utilization ofPoor Quality Roughages by Small Ruminants,” Mentor: Dr. Florah Mhlanga
  • Commended: Dillon Thomas, major: Physics. “Quality Control for the RPC Upgrade for PHENIX,” Mentor: Dr. Rusty Towell

Winning Poster Presentations in Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts:
  • Outstanding: Anna Peters, major: Ministry to Children and Families. “Spiritual Well Being in the Classroom: The Impact of Spoken Word on College Students as a Forming Pedagogy,” Mentors: Dr. Jason Morris and Dr. David Wray
  • Distinguished: Rachel Cartwright, Alyssia Ambrose, Donae Raymundo, majors in Interdisciplinary Studies: Early Childhood through 4th Grade.”Teacher as Reflective Participant,” Mentor: Dr. Sheila Delony
  • Commended: Phillip Page, Cici Davis, majors in School Psychology. “An Exploration of  the Different Patterns Displayed in Children Who Exhibit Learned Helplessness Versus Children Who Are Effortful,” Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker

The Springboard R&D Prize for research with potential for commercial development:

  • Rich Tanner, Jacob Poulette, majors in Information Technology; Chris Booher, Robert Butts, Anthony Malloy, majors in Computer Science. “Recreating Solomon’s Temple,” Mentor: Dr. Brian Burton

Photos from the 2014 Undergraduate Research Festival

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Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2014

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Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Synthesis of an Osmium-Organic Framework

Audrey Fikes

Mentor: Greg Powell

Exploring the Proton’s Spin at PHENIX

Andrew Miller

Mentor: Rusty Towell

Investigation of Transient Interactions between Mevalonate Pathway Enzymes in E. faecalis using FRET Spectroscopy

Maxwell Moore

Mentor: Autumn Sutherlin


Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences

By the People, For the People?: The Effect of Area Median Income on Political Connectedness

            Caleb Orr and Alex Gabriele

Mentor: Suzie Macaluso

Can There Be Too Much Choice? Empirical Explorations of Theoretical Predictions

            Levi Ritchie

Mentor: Ryan Jessup

Hysteria in Nineteenth Century Feminist Literature

            Brandy Rains

Mentor: Jeanine Varner


Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities

Exploring the “Strong Female Character”: An Analysis of Audience Attitudes Towards Gender On-Screen

Toni Maisano

Mentor: Lynette Sharp Penyz


Equality in Ephesians Household Codes

            Darren Hughes

Mentor: Trevor Thompson

Social Subversion and Shakespearian Drag

            Erik Ringle

Mentor: Joe Stephenson


Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Texas Children’s Hospital Design As Therapy

Kaitlin Pegoda

Mentor: Lauren Lemley

The relationship between gendered toys and stereotype threat in girls

Caitlyn Spain

Mentor: Jennifer Shewmaker


Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Microwave Synthesis of Osmium (I) Acetylene Complexes

Erin Fry

Mentor: Cynthia Powell

End Group Functionalization of Di-block Polymers Used in Making pH-Activatable Nanoprobes

Nigel Gwini

Mentor: Greg Powell

The tapY1 Gene and Natural Transformation in Aeromonas

Christina Lee

Mentor: Jennifer Huddleston