2015 Outstanding Presentation Winners

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Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Determining the effect of clpA in the Natural Transformation ability of Aeromonas salmonicida

Kristen Clemons

Mentor: Jennifer Huddleston

Small Mammals of Guandera Biological Reserve, Carchi Province, Ecuador and Comparative Andean Small Mammal Ecology

Rachel Ritchie

Mentor: Tom Lee

Microbial Diversity and Antibiotic Production in Sorcerers Cave

David Sanderson

Mentor: Jennifer Huddleston

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences


A Comparative Analysis of Satisfaction Among Post Hospital Birth and Non-Hospital Birth Mothers

Christina Brown

Mentor: Stephanie Hamm

The Solid South: Campaign Issue Strategies in the 2014 Southern Senate Races

Caleb Orr

Mentor: Suzie Macaluso

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities


ACU Theatre Spring 2015 Season Dramaturgy

Diego Gonzalez, Sarah Yarbrough, and Braden Clark

Mentor: Kari Hatfield

A Comparison and Analysis of “Come away, death” from Twelfth Night as set to music by Roger Quilter and Gerald Finzi

Marc Gutierrez

Mentor: Rick Piersall

The Building Blocks of Society: An Analysis of Messages in The Lego Movie

Abby Ayers

Mentor: Lauren Lemley

Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Social Sciences


This Avoidance is Stressing Me Out! How Avoidance Contributes to Test Anxiety in a College Population

Hannah Anderson, Mackenzie Harrington, and Morgan Watten

Mentor: Cherisse Flanagan

Biopsychosocial factors impacting positivity and resilience in individuals undergoing cancer treatment

Kaitlin Pegoda

Mentor: Stephen Baldridge

Influence of Religious Upbringing on Views of Women in Leadership

Cara Buenz

Mentor: Stephanie Hamm

Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Requirement for the SWR1 complex and Nap1 chaperone after TBP association in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Julia Taylor and Tim Kang

Mentor: Sarah Lee

Reconstructing the Paleoniche of Prosopis glandulosa (Honey Mesquite)

Mike Keenan

Mentor: Joshua Brokaw

Quantifying Wolbachia and Spiroplasma Infection Rates in Monarch and Queen Butterflies

Lydia Brown and Jamie Thompson

Mentor: Rebecca Hunter