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Outstanding Presentation Winners 2017

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Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Meta-Poster: A Quantitative Analysis of Successful Poster Presentations

Barrett Corey


Outstanding Poster Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Computer Automation of an Optical Spectrometer

Jared Baker

Comparing Symptom and Toxicity Profiles Following Radiation Therapy for Cancers of the Skull Base: A Prospective Global Quality of Life Study Using the Anterior Skull Base Questionnaire (ASBQ) and the EQ-5D Health Questionnaire

Jeremy Aymard

The Cattle Crush

Tim Prince & Bryson Jennings

Exploring New Osmium Clusters

Kylie Wilson & John Swartout

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities

1 Timothy 3:16: Scribes, Theology and the Relative Pronoun

Samone Smith & Brianna Rideout

Prisoner of Christ: The Argument from Paul’s Identity in Ephesians 3

Nathan Jowers


Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences

Marriage Games: A Game Theory Exploration of Marital Relationships

Barrett Corey & Kaleigh Borge

Exploration of the Journey: Factors that Contribute to Women’s Substance Abuse Recoveries


A Qualitative Assessment of Black and Hispanic Community Collaboration

Taylor Crumpton

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The First Molecular Square Made of Eight Osmium Atoms

Diego Zometa, David Marolf, James Johnstone, Kristen Brehm, & Henry Touchton

Zapping Zika through Education

Averi Edwards, Kenzie Mascorro, Sarah Ritchie, & Victoria Pannill

Self-Efficacy and Moral Distress in Bachelor of Science Nursing

James Bolt, Melanie Collazos, & Kimberly Burt

Poster Tips and Tricks


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You can print your poster at several professional copy centers in town. One good option is through CopyCat in the library.

1. Size – Your poster should be 32″ high by 40″ wide.  At the poster session, the posters will be fixed to a mounting board that is 32″ X 40″ using  binder clips.  Posters larger than this size may be creased in the process.

2. Editing – Be sure an edit your poster. Be sure and have someone else edit your poster.

3. References  – Don’t forget your references.

4. Double check the color – Make sure that the colors you are using work together and are readable. You might print your poster out on a single piece of paper on a color printer. When you print select “Scale to Fit.” Printer colors often look slightly different than screen colors, so you want to double check.

5. Use Powerpoint or Photoshop – If you would like your poster printed for free, use PowerPoint or Photoshop. If you use PowerPoint use the Poster Template for URF and save the file as .ppt. If you use Photoshop save the file as .pdf.

6.  Check out these winning posters from last year.

Poster Presentation Rubric

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Poster Presentations are judged on two major categories, Research Design and Presentation and Persuasiveness, each with several subcategories. Click to see the full Poster Presentation Rubric.

Research Design

1. Introduction of Research

2. Statement of Hypothesis/ Research Question

3. Goals and Objectives

4. Explanation of Methodology

5. Presentation of Results and Conclusions

6. Understanding of the Problem or Challenge Adressed

7. Use of Literature in the Field

Presentation and Persuasiveness

1. Overall Poster Design

2. Use of Images and Text

3. Grammar, Spelling and Style

4. Verbal Presentation

5. Use of Eye Contact

6. Answers to Questions

7. Explanation of the Project’s Significance