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Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2014

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Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Synthesis of an Osmium-Organic Framework

Audrey Fikes

Mentor: Greg Powell

Exploring the Proton’s Spin at PHENIX

Andrew Miller

Mentor: Rusty Towell

Investigation of Transient Interactions between Mevalonate Pathway Enzymes in E. faecalis using FRET Spectroscopy

Maxwell Moore

Mentor: Autumn Sutherlin


Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences

By the People, For the People?: The Effect of Area Median Income on Political Connectedness

            Caleb Orr and Alex Gabriele

Mentor: Suzie Macaluso

Can There Be Too Much Choice? Empirical Explorations of Theoretical Predictions

            Levi Ritchie

Mentor: Ryan Jessup

Hysteria in Nineteenth Century Feminist Literature

            Brandy Rains

Mentor: Jeanine Varner


Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities

Exploring the “Strong Female Character”: An Analysis of Audience Attitudes Towards Gender On-Screen

Toni Maisano

Mentor: Lynette Sharp Penyz


Equality in Ephesians Household Codes

            Darren Hughes

Mentor: Trevor Thompson

Social Subversion and Shakespearian Drag

            Erik Ringle

Mentor: Joe Stephenson


Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Texas Children’s Hospital Design As Therapy

Kaitlin Pegoda

Mentor: Lauren Lemley

The relationship between gendered toys and stereotype threat in girls

Caitlyn Spain

Mentor: Jennifer Shewmaker


Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Microwave Synthesis of Osmium (I) Acetylene Complexes

Erin Fry

Mentor: Cynthia Powell

End Group Functionalization of Di-block Polymers Used in Making pH-Activatable Nanoprobes

Nigel Gwini

Mentor: Greg Powell

The tapY1 Gene and Natural Transformation in Aeromonas

Christina Lee

Mentor: Jennifer Huddleston


by   |  02.19.13  |  General Announcements, Prizes

There are two categories of prizes.

The first are Outstanding Presentation Awards in the categories of

  • Arts and Humanities Oral Presentation
  • Social Science Oral Presentation
  • STEM Oral Presentation
  • Arts, Humanities or Social Science Poster Presentation
  • STEM Poster Presentation

Each of these awards are accompanied by a $100 prize.

The second category of prizes are door prizes drawn at random for any presenter who achieved all 3’s and above on their presentation. You must be present at the dinner to win a door prize.