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URF 2019 Schedule

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Click here to download this year’s program: Undergraduate Research Festival Program 2019

2017 Pictures from the Research Festival

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2017 Outstanding Presentations

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Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Meta-Poster: A Quantitative Analysis of Successful Poster Presentations

Barrett Corey


Outstanding Poster Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Computer Automation of an Optical Spectrometer

Jared Baker

Comparing Symptom and Toxicity Profiles Following Radiation Therapy for Cancers of the Skull Base: A Prospective Global Quality of Life Study Using the Anterior Skull Base Questionnaire (ASBQ) and the EQ-5D Health Questionnaire

Jeremy Aymard

The Cattle Crush

Tim Prince & Bryson Jennings

Exploring New Osmium Clusters

Kylie Wilson & John Swartout

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities

1 Timothy 3:16: Scribes, Theology and the Relative Pronoun

Samone Smith & Brianna Rideout

Prisoner of Christ: The Argument from Paul’s Identity in Ephesians 3

Nathan Jowers


Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences

Marriage Games: A Game Theory Exploration of Marital Relationships

Barrett Corey & Kaleigh Borge

Exploration of the Journey: Factors that Contribute to Women’s Substance Abuse Recoveries


A Qualitative Assessment of Black and Hispanic Community Collaboration

Taylor Crumpton

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The First Molecular Square Made of Eight Osmium Atoms

Diego Zometa, David Marolf, James Johnstone, Kristen Brehm, & Henry Touchton

Zapping Zika through Education

Averi Edwards, Kenzie Mascorro, Sarah Ritchie, & Victoria Pannill

Self-Efficacy and Moral Distress in Bachelor of Science Nursing

James Bolt, Melanie Collazos, & Kimberly Burt

2016 Outstanding Presentation Winners

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Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Gender and Double Standards in Easy A

Kimberly Martinez

Public Perception of SNAP Benefits: Implications for Policy and Practice

Chelsea Fordham

Engagement and Productivity in Gendered and Non-Gendered Toys in Girls Ages 8-11

Claire Tyrrell & Bree Foster

Outstanding Poster Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Antibiotic Resistance and Biosynthetic Potential of Microbes Isolated from Sorcerer’s Cave, Texas

Jeffrey Wooliscroft

The Role of Histone Deacetylase 3 in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

Tina Johnson

The Role of Chronology in Analyzing Introductory Programming Assignments

            Kayla Holcomb

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities

Elders in Black and White: J.S. Winston and the Impact of Institutional Racism on Church Leadership

Ian Nickerson

Clash of Civilizations: Fact or Myth?

Kendra Oregon

Morality and the Horror Film: Towards a Greater Understanding of the Problem of Evil

James Churchill

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences

Moral Foundations of Presidential Primaries: An Analysis of Partisan Campaign Language

Courtney Tee, Barrett Corey, & Wesley Robbins

Australian Aborigines

Deanna Tuttle

Community-based Social Work in Haiti: Reunifying Homeless Families

Brie Heinrich

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Osmium-Containing Chemotherapeutic Drugs

David Marolf

Elucidating the Mechanism of Cadaverine in the Nitrosative Stress Response of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli

Kristen Clemons

Relationships between small mammal assemblages and land management in the southeastern Rolling Plains

Catherine Longest, Jamie Thompson, Daisy Gomez, Leneka Hagins, Nathan Neill, Reece   Wells, & James Nix

2015 Outstanding Presentation Winners

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Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Determining the effect of clpA in the Natural Transformation ability of Aeromonas salmonicida

Kristen Clemons

Mentor: Jennifer Huddleston

Small Mammals of Guandera Biological Reserve, Carchi Province, Ecuador and Comparative Andean Small Mammal Ecology

Rachel Ritchie

Mentor: Tom Lee

Microbial Diversity and Antibiotic Production in Sorcerers Cave

David Sanderson

Mentor: Jennifer Huddleston

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences


A Comparative Analysis of Satisfaction Among Post Hospital Birth and Non-Hospital Birth Mothers

Christina Brown

Mentor: Stephanie Hamm

The Solid South: Campaign Issue Strategies in the 2014 Southern Senate Races

Caleb Orr

Mentor: Suzie Macaluso

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities


ACU Theatre Spring 2015 Season Dramaturgy

Diego Gonzalez, Sarah Yarbrough, and Braden Clark

Mentor: Kari Hatfield

A Comparison and Analysis of “Come away, death” from Twelfth Night as set to music by Roger Quilter and Gerald Finzi

Marc Gutierrez

Mentor: Rick Piersall

The Building Blocks of Society: An Analysis of Messages in The Lego Movie

Abby Ayers

Mentor: Lauren Lemley

Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Social Sciences


This Avoidance is Stressing Me Out! How Avoidance Contributes to Test Anxiety in a College Population

Hannah Anderson, Mackenzie Harrington, and Morgan Watten

Mentor: Cherisse Flanagan

Biopsychosocial factors impacting positivity and resilience in individuals undergoing cancer treatment

Kaitlin Pegoda

Mentor: Stephen Baldridge

Influence of Religious Upbringing on Views of Women in Leadership

Cara Buenz

Mentor: Stephanie Hamm

Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Requirement for the SWR1 complex and Nap1 chaperone after TBP association in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Julia Taylor and Tim Kang

Mentor: Sarah Lee

Reconstructing the Paleoniche of Prosopis glandulosa (Honey Mesquite)

Mike Keenan

Mentor: Joshua Brokaw

Quantifying Wolbachia and Spiroplasma Infection Rates in Monarch and Queen Butterflies

Lydia Brown and Jamie Thompson

Mentor: Rebecca Hunter

Check Out Some Photos from the 2015 Research Festival

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2015 Research Festival Program

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2015 Research Festival Program

Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2013

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Outstanding Poster Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and

  • Blaine Smith, Senior Biology major – “Klotho protects lung epithelial cells against oxidant DNA damage” 
  • Ben Cobb, Freshmen Biology major – “Chemotherapy’s Major Flaw: Revealing Stress’ and Dexamethasone’s Counter-Productivity in Chemotherapy”
  • Zack Morgan, Senior Biology major – “Establishing recA as a Gene Involved in Natural Transformatin among Aeromonads” 

Outstanding Poster Presentation in Social Science, Arts and Humanities

  • Stephanie Fink, Senior Art major – “Lagniappe: an unexpected gift” 
  • Elizabeth Ellery, Senior Psychology major – “Social Modeling in Media from Aardvarks to Zombies: A comparison of prosocial and aggressive themes in Mattel’s Monster High and Public Broadcasting System’s Arthur” 

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and

  • Andrew Miller, Senior Physics major – “PyCBC: A Toolkit for Advanced-Detector Era Gravitational Wave Data Analysis”
  • Adam Simpson, Senior Physics and Mathematics major – “Imaging sound to measure thermal contact between AlN and Si”
  • David Reynolds, Senior Mathematics major – “Bridges on a Tile Floor” 

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Social Science

  • Kholo Theledi, Junior Family Studies and Gerentology major – “Analysis of Political Inequality”
  • Dylan Brugman, Senior Political Science and Sociology major – “Examining Gender Relations in the Book of Twilight.”
  • Kaitlyn Howell, Senior Education major, and Ellen Smith, Senior English – Teaching major – “The role of reading response in two elementary classrooms: A comparative case study”

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Arts and Humanities

  • Rebekah Horton, Senior English and Marketing major – ‘Epiphanies as a Structure in “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’” 
  • Heather Kregel, Senior English major – “Physicians in the Literature of Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson: Portraying the Icons of Changing Times”
  • Toni Maisano, Junior Communicaion major – “More Than Just a Piece in Their Games: A Rhetorical Analysis of Identification in ‘The Hunger Games’” 

Mentors of the Year:

-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year 

  • Dr. Brian Cavitt, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

-Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

  • Dr. Lauren Lemley, Department of Communication

-Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

  • Dr. Stephen Baldridge, School of Social Work

Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2012

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Three (3) Outstanding Poster Presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:

   Hillary Eichelberger and James Huddleston
   When Being a Variant is Advantageous: A Role for Chromatin Remodeling After TBP                  Recruitment, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Lee, ACU Chemistry and Biochemistry

   Charles Holt and Jacob Lowry
   Phenyl Acrylate Synthesis, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Cavitt, ACU Chemistry and                            Biochemistry

   Jonathan Urbanczyk
   Effect of Crystal Absence on Heat Resistance of Bacillus Spores in SEA and BHI, Faculty              Mentor: Dr. Gary Wilson, McMurry University Biology

Two (2) Outstanding Poster Presentations in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts:

   Wiepie Rojas
   Food Disparity: A Glance at the Navajo Reservation, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael                       Nicodemus, ACU Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

   Katie Thornton, Morgan Myer, and Elizabeth Ellery
   The Monster of Sexualized Children’s Media, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker, ACU      Psychology

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics:

   Allison Songstad
   Global Gene Expression Analysis in the Mdr1a Knockout Rat, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Autumn        Sutherlin, ACU Chemistry and Biochemistry

   David Reynolds
   Finding the Best Solution among Multiple Optimal Solutions, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason            Holland, ACU Mathematics

   Walker Nikolaus
   Studying What’s inside the Proton, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rusty Towell, ACU Engineering and      Physics

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in the Social Sciences:

   Jared Perkins
   Congregations in Community: An Analysis of the Effects of Congregation Location on Social    Welfare Involvement, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Suzie Macaluso, ACU Sociology and Family Studies

   Wiepie Rojas
   “Gardening with Grace:” The Effectiveness of a Community Garden on Building Community,       Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Camp, ACU Communication

   Farron Salley
   Framing Net Neutrality: The Media Coverage of Media Ownership, Faculty Mentor: Dr.              Susan Lewis, ACU Journalism and Mass Communication

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in the Humanities and Arts:

   Allye Foster
   The Illusions of Sex on TV: The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Faculty Mentor: Dr.            Lauren Lemley, ACU Communication

   Austin Holt
   What Happened to Lament?, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Glenn Pemberton, ACU Bible, Missions and    Ministry

   Margaret Moore
   Constitutive Rhetoric and the Taqwacore Culture, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lauren Lemley, ACU       Communication

Outstanding Presentation Award Winners 2011

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  • Utilizing Tropical Forage Legumes to Supplement Young Goats Fed a Basal Diet of Sudangrass Hay Tiffany Lutz, Spencer Fox (Dr. Florah Mhlanga, agricultural and environmental sciences)
  • For the Love of Love: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Bachelor Amanda Goodall (Dr. Lauren Lemley, communication)
  • A Spirituality of Place: Holy Space in Torah and Celtic Christianity Rebekah Childers (Dr. Rodney Ashlock, Bible, missions and ministry)
  • Determining an Interaction Between the Enterococcus Faecalis Enzymes: Acetoacetyl-CoA Thiolase/HMG-CoA Reductase and HMG-CoA Synthase Holly Perkins (Dr. Autumn Sutherlin, chemistry and biochemistry)
  • Influence of Science Experiments Before College Enrollment on Choice of Major Erin Boyd (Dr. Cynthia Powell, chemistry and biochemistry)
  • A Student-Created Textbook Replacement Courtney Richardson and Courtney Martin (Dr. Mark Phillips, management sciences)
  • Would You Jump?: Correlates of Risk-Taking and Openness Austin Fontaine, Kyle Anderson and Avery Weems (Cherisse Flanagan, psychology)
  • Problem-Solving with Monty Hall Sarah Gallaway (Dr. Connie Yarema and Dr. Mark Riggs, mathematics)


  • Mobile Devices in a Project-Based Physics Classroom: Developing NETS-S in Students Stacie McConnell (Dr. Billie McConnell, teacher education)
  • Progress Toward a Better Synthesis of a Potential Chemotherapeutic Agent Joseph Loh and Sarah Shoultz (Dr. Greg Powell, chemistry and biochemistry)
  • The Efficacy of Oromyofunctional Therapy in the Remediation of the Reverse Swallow Pattern Alyssa Bowyer and Rebecca Hopkins (Dr. Denise Barnett, communication sciences and disorders)
  • A Supervening Study into Insecticide Resistance Evan Jones (Dr. Qiang Xu, biology)
  • Academic Challenge Posed by Abilene Christian University’s Teacher Education Program Janille Stephens (Dr. Sheila Delony, teacher education)
  • Molecular and Morphological Comparisons of Mentzelia monoensis and M. montana Levi Gates (Dr. Joshua Brokaw, biology)