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This semester in the Introduction to Information, Technology, and Computing class, students have been working on developing a mobile app. Student groups were given ten weeks to take an idea and develop a working app. This Thursday, they showcased their projects to fellow students, faculty, and staff members.

“I learned a lot about sprite making and how to work within a team of various personalities and talents  to create a video game. It was challenging and rewarding to see something I created come to life,” says DET student, Hayley Hand.

Each team performed exceptionally well, thoroughly impressing the faculty. “This is always an exciting event for the students and the faculty,” Dr. Burton says, “This is where we get to see the full app or game that they have been working on all semester. We were thrilled with the results and what our students accomplished.”

When asked, many teams stated that they would like to continue working on this project and eventually get their app to the point where it can be published in the App Store or Google Play store. Shapes & Colors team member, Nathan Sherrill reflects, “This project challenged me to learn a new programming language and be able to develop a mobile app in a 10 week time-frame. It was challenging to do so, but it was rewarding to see I had a final product that was complete and functioning by the end. As Dr. Burton says, I am ready to “make 10s of cents” for each purchase of my mobile app.”


Some of the most notable teams included Barista Buddy, The Unfamiliar Path, Spinball, and Shapes & Colors.

Staff members listen in on the Barista Buddy

Staff members listening in on the Barista Buddy commercial

Team ___ presents their game, ______.

Students presenting their game, The Unfamiliar Path, to Dr. Reeves

A closer look at ___

A closer look at The Unfamiliar Path

Students explain their game, ____.

Students explaining their game, Spinball