Settling into our new space

Now that the chaos of moving the items we have been entrusted with downstairs, we find ourselves slowly making progress in getting settled into our new space.  Offices are coming together, as paint dried and shelves and desks were built.  Paintings and signs are being hung and rethought in order to give each of you a sense of the familiar and a presentation of the new – as we begin to stretch our legs in this new space.

We want to thank all of those individuals who helped us in the move, and those who continue to help us straighten, dust, reconnect technology, and find new places for familiar and beloved items that have become a real and valuable part of our history and heritage.  It will not be long before the new semester starts, and the move that consumed our attention a few weeks ago is nothing more than another part of our history.  We are looking forward to sharing our new space with you, and hope that you will stop by whenever you get a chance to experience the collections and the people that bring our history to life.

Stay tuned to more photos, videos, and posts concerning ACU’s Special Collections.