On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, February 2019

In February our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 500 items to the Center for Restoration Studies, Rare Books, and Taylor Hymnals collections.  Some are new to us; in other cases these new additions gave us a second copy.  Several items are boxes of unbound periodical issues that were previously uncataloged.  Some are tracts and others are A/V in various formats (mostly cassette tape and a few VHS). Further, the work performed on some reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

The Library in Daisy Hall, with a Jesse Sewell reading a book at a table and shelves of books around him.

Our goal is a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

500 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:

Dickman, Stacy, Labeled : redefining the woman God made you to be
Wood, Shane J., Between two trees : our transformation from death to life
Fleming, Lance, Wildcat football : three cheers for the purple and white
Taylor, Robert. Studies in James and Jude
Smith, Foy L., Great words of the Bible : (number one)
Hall, S. H. (Samuel Henry), Three defenses of music in worship answered
Smith, Foy L., The original five minutes with the master
Eaves, Thomas F. A debate on homosexuality
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd), Cotham-Davis debate, on the Godhead and miracles today : held in the high school auditorium of Swainsboro, Georgia, December 7-10, 1986.
Thompson, Bert. Essays in apologetics
Bales, James D., Shall we splinter??
Cates, Curtis A. The second incarnation : a pattern for apostasy
Shelly, Rubel, Simple studies about Christ’s church
Whitaker, E. L. A once for all answer to once for all : being a discussion of the apostasy question
Parker, Howard D. (Howard Dawson), Precious faith : life and works of Howard and Mamie Parker
Connally, Claudene. I walked by his side : our adventures in the African bush
Ainslie, Peter, The message of the Disciples for the union of the church, including their origin and history.
Spurlin, Bob. Dial 911 : essentials to living life in the 21st century
Choate, J. C., Sermon outline collection
Nowlin, J. Edward. Studies on the home
Holland, Thomas H. (Thomas Hayes), Seeking spiritual security
Stacy, John (John William), Exhort brother
Bellview lectures The blight of liberalism : thirtieth annual Bellview lectures
Shaffer, Gilbert E. Shaffer’s sermons
Smith, Foy L., Great words of the Bible : (number one)
Marshall, Murray. Our New Testament : an appreciation
Hamilton, Ike, (Isaac M.) How to get to heaven : [using the Bible only]
Adult Bible quarterly : Minor prophets 1
Stewart, Ivan, Foundation facts for the new Christain
Lambert, Gussie, Christ at Corinth
Turner, J. J. Doctrine of the Godhead : a study of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Jacobs, J. Vernon (James Vernon), 24 messages for men
Underwood, T. B. (Theophilus Brown), Successful teaching : a practical training course for Bible school teachers
Camp, Franklin, Principles and perils of leadership
Delp, Paul S. All the days
Hendry, Jack. A study in God’s law of marriage concerning … divorce and remarriage : especially suited for class study
Jacobsen, Carl E. From here to calvary to heaven
Bellview lectures In hope of eternal life : fourteenth annual Bellview lectures
Turner, J. J. Preaching outlines
Bales, James D., The existence of God : a debate
Whatever happened to Heaven and Hell? : the eighth annual Shenandoah lectures
Sermons that need to be preached
Stovall, E. W., 100 sermon outlines
Waddey, John H. (John Howard), Sermons on saints and sinners : biographical studies of Bible characters
Caskey, Guy V. (Guy Vernon), A reply to a denominational preacher
Curd, Bruce R. Marry only in the Lord
DeHoff, George W., Workbook on First Corinthians
Waller, Ted. Why they executed Jesus
Winkler, Charles Wendell, Samson’s sins and other sermons
Memphis School of Preaching lectures : a survey of the first fifteen years.
Davis, W. M. (William Morton), New Bible studies : a book of sermons outlines and outlines for young peoples’ meetings
Frank, H. B. From riches to poverty to glory : a chronological study of the life of Christ
McReynolds, Albert B. Soul-winning and stewardship sermons
Pyle, Hugh F., The truth about the church of Christ
Hailey, Homer, The divorced & remarried who would come to God
Porter, W. Curtis (William Curtis), Porter-Waters debate : Quincy, Illinois, November 7-10, 1950
Holland, Thomas H. (Thomas Hayes), God’s good gifts : sermon outlines from James : twenty-five full content sermon outlines based on the book of James
Freed-Hardeman University. Alumni directory
Heart to heart : special messages from thirteen successful men
Choate, J. C., La iglesia de la Biblia
Lyon, Mack. Did you miss the rapture? : a study of dispensational premillennialism
Tabor, O. H. (Orbin Herschel), The deeper life
Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship Great lessons from New Testament characters : twenty-fifth annual Memphis School of Preaching lectureship, Memphis, Tennessee, March 31-April 4, 1991
East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions lectureship Revive us again : sixteenth annual East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions lectureship
Rice, Charles Russell, The spirit of Christ
Campbell, Thomas, Declaration and address
The Millennial harbinger.
Pharr, David. 52 five-minute radio sermons
Hudgins, Steve. Chart sermons
Emmons, Wayne, Let’s go visiting
Andrews, R. L. Sermon outlines on Old Testament characters
Dillon, Bill, A debate with Mormons
Shackelford, Don. A survey of church history.
The daily Bible : New International Version with devotional insights to guide you through God’s word
The Word and work.
Lipscomb lectures.
Scott, Harold L. The New Testament outline book by book
Shackelford, Don. A survey of church history.
Frost, Gene. Debate notes on Bible classes and women teachers
Connally, Andrew M. Great lessons from Ephesians and Colossians
White, Willie W. The greatest work in the world : a new study on the fundamentals
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier), Studies in the Book of Daniel
Estes, Chester (Chester Riley), The Bible interprets the Bible
Reed, Kenneth M., What controls your life
Humble, B. J. Back to the Bible : how we got there, how we’ll stay there
Bristow, Benny B., Invitations for mid-week services
Out of my treasure : a sourcebook for your church paper, your church bulletin, your sermon illustration, your personal devotions
White, Robert W. A scientific refutation of evolution
McWhorter, Don, Living together in knowledge : what husbands and wives can learn about marriage from each other
Layton, Mac, Burning bushes
Hyatt, J. Philip (James Philip), The heritage of biblical faith, an aid to reading the Bible.
Thompson, Rhodes. Voices from Cane Ridge.
Monroe, Herald B. That timeless purpose : a study guide on Ephesians
Finegan, Jack, Clear of the brooding cloud.
Morrison, Charles Clayton, The outlawry of war; a constructive policy for world peace,
Lunger, Alberta. Roadside tables
The Voice from the whirlwind : interpreting the book of Job
Bell, R. M. (Robert Monroe), Reasoning together
What we believe
Makin, Royce E. You are the Christ? : nine one-act plays
Beardslee, William A. First Corinthians : a commentary for today
Zimmerman, John D. Sunflower Disciples : the story of a century, Kansas Christian Church history
Becker, Edwin L. Yale Divinity School and the Disciples of Christ, 1872-1989
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Preaching for growth
Welsh, Wiley A. Villains on white horses : sermons on passages from Paul
Toler, Thomas W. The elder at the Lord’s table
Fairhurst, Alfred, Organic evolution considered
Badger, Bryant D. History of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Wyoming, 1886-1990
Bayer, Charles H. The Babylonian captivity of the mainline church
France, Dorothy D. Special days of the church year
Stevenson, Dwight Eshelman, In the Biblical preacher’s workshop [by] Dwight E. Stevenson.
Russell, Ward, The Pentecost edition of the Man of Galilee, or, The life and teachings of Jesus : arranged for the convenience of study into fifty-two lessons
Reed, May F. Lindsey, Come sail with me into a sea of poetry
Christian Church Foundation. Generous living : lasting legacies of faith & witness ; a history of the Christian Church Foundation
Wirt, Cathy Myers, Called to J.A.M : justice, action, and mercy, 1998-99 study book
God is still speaking : to be one church with one vision in Latin America and the Caribbean
Bogle, Fred R., Who is saved?
Thompson, James Edmond, Spiritual gifts : their purposes and works versus the modern ecclesiastical ruler …
Facts for faith.
Jones, A. B. (Allen Bailey), The spiritual side of our plea
Jones, Claude C., The teaching methods of the Master.
Jones, Edgar De Witt, The royalty of the pulpit; a survey and appreciation of the Lyman Beecher lectures on preaching founded at Yale Divinity School 1871 and given annually (with four exceptions) since 1872.
Davison, Frank E. (Frank Elon), Thru the rear-view mirror.
Kemp, Charles F., Preparing for the ministry.
Kershner, Frederick D. (Frederick Doyle), The religion of Christ : an interpretation
Kinnamon, Michael. Truth and community : diversity and its limits in the ecumenical movement
Interpreting Disciples : practical theology in the Disciples of Christ
Willett, Herbert L. (Herbert Lockwood), The moral leaders of Israel : studies in the development of Hebrew religion and ethics
Hensey, Andrew F. (Andrew Fitch), A master builder on the Congo a memorial to the service and devotion of Robert Ray Eldred and Lillian Byers Eldred
Moses, Jasper T. (Jasper Turney), Today in the land of tomorrow a study in the development of Mexico
Waldrop, W Earl. What makes America great?
Watkins, Keith. The feast of joy : the Lord’s Supper in free churches
McLean, Archibald, The primacy of the missionary, and other addresses,
Chalice introduction to the Old Testament
Robinson, William, What Churches of Christ stand for. the origin, growth, and message of a nineteenth century religious movement.
Ferré, Nels Fredrick Solomon, Making religion real.
Finegan, Jack, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Van Kirk, Walter W. (Walter William), Religion renounces war,
World Council of Churches. Assembly Signs of the Spirit : official report, seventh assembly, Canberra, Australia, 7-20 February 1991
Tyler, B. B. (Benjamin Bushrod), The way of salvation, sermons
Montgomery, J. Dexter. Disciples of Christ in Argentina, 1906-1956; a history of the first fifty years of mission work.
Moninger, Herbert, Fifty lessons in training for service
Roberts, Price. Studies for new converts
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, The heart of the Yale lectures
Stevenson, Dwight Eshelman, Lexington Theological Seminary, 1865-1965: the College of the Bible century
Stevenson, Dwight Eshelman, Strong son of God
Heron, Frances Dunlap. Here comes Elijah.
Tucker, William Edward, Journey in faith : a history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Jones, Edgar De Witt, Fairhope; the annals of a country church,
Finegan, Jack, Light from the ancient past.
Christian evidences seminar.
Murphey, Paul W., Sacred moments : prayers of a Navy chaplain at sea and ashore
Jones, Gilbert, Sermons by Gilbert Jones, Minister
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement), Walking by faith : origin of instrumental music in Christian worship
Holland, James, A good bad example : the story of my life
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), Christian stewardship : what are you worth?
Phillips, Thomas W. (Thomas Wharton), The Church of Christ
Hendry, Jack. A study in God’s law of marriage concerning … divorce and remarriage : especially suited for class study
Harding University. Harding University lectures.
Munro, Harry Clyde, Christian education in your church
Turner, J. J. Snatching men out of the fire and other sermons
Glover, Robert F. (Robert Franklin), Follow me
Bayer, Charles H. Hope for the mainline church
Bond, D. Stephenson. Interactive preaching
Prime, Mary Ellen. In His image : conferee’s source book
Madsen, Norman P. Ask and you will receive : prayer and the Letter to the Hebrews
Table talk : resources for the communion meal
Straton, Hillyer H. (Hillyer Hawthorne), Solving life’s problems, methods of the Master.
Tyler, B. B. (Benjamin Bushrod), Concerning the Disciples of Christ
Fey, Harold E. (Harold Edward), The Christian century reader;
Ligon, Ernest Mayfield, The marriage climate; a book of home dynamics
Clawson, Bertha Fidelia, Bertha Fidelia, her story as told to Jessie M. Trout.
Swearingen, T. T. (Tilford Tippett) Must a man live?
Trout, Jessie M. (Jessie Mary), Forward in missions and education : Disciples of Christ help build the Kingdom ; a study course for adults and young people
The Parables of our Saviour
Camp, Franklin, Redemption through the Bible : a study of the book of proverbs, ecclesiates and the song of solomon
Beauchamp, Gary R. (Gary Roger), Sermons for today
Hendricks, Kenneth C. (Kenneth Charles), Shadow of his hand; the Reiji Takahashi story,
Watkins, Keith. Celebrate with thanksgiving : patterns of prayer at the Communion table
Steffer, Robert W., Saving Cane Ridge
Higgins, Willis G. God’s covenants with Abraham : spirit, property, flesh
Heimer, Nancy T. A rewarding look : Christian women celebrate progress
White, Orilas Grant, Ministering the Word of God : a study of the ministries of the church
Fangmeier, Robert. Danger and hope in the Holy land
Shank, Michael. Muscle and a shovel : a raw, gritty, and entirely true story about finding the truth in a world drowning in religious confusion
The Gospel of John
Stacy, John. God’s message for man today
Willingham, T. W. (Theodore Weber), Crumbs of truth about Jesus the man
Hopper, Myron Taggart, The candle of the Lord.
Hopkins, Paul E. A different kind of husband
Grafton, Warren. A Saturday night talk with God, and other editorials.
Horton, Roy F., Inspiration Point and its personalities
Fiers, Alan Dale. This is missions; our Christian witness in a unchristian world.
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), March of the year; especial sermons for special days.
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), Which way is progress?
Patrick, Mary W. The love commandment : how to find its meaning for today
Rimmer, Harry, Sermon outlines
Hearn, Roy J. Sermon outlines of Roy J. Hearn.
Debate on the Bible class question : a discussion
Bible foundations : maturing discipleship series.
Van Dyke, Frank, Studies in Hebrews
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures New beginnings : God, man and redemption in Genesis
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures Receiving God’s righteousness : grace and glory in Romans
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures Worship in spirit and truth : 1994 Freed-Hardeman University lectureship
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures Advancing Christianity : 1991 Freed-Hardeman University lectureship : Henderson, Tennessee
Freed-Hardeman College Lectures Church growth : a blueprint for stronger churches
Freed-Hardeman College Lectures Eternal truths : 1980 Freed-Hardeman College lectureship
Freed-Hardeman College Lectures The living and abiding word : 1979 Freed-Hardeman College lectureship, Henderson, Tennessee
Freed-Hardeman College Lectures The future of the church : 1978 Freed-Hardeman College lectureship
Harding University. Harding University lectures.
Lecture outlines of the annual Bible lectureship.
Conchin, Willard. I can do it
Pogue, Luther H., Sermon outlines of L.H. Pogue
Ross, Roderick L., “Only begotten” and the “deity of Christ”
Miller, Max R., Book, chapter and verse sermons
Colley, Cindy, Crown of creation : women of the Genesis
Connally, Andrew M., Great lessons from Hebrews and James
Gleaves, Scott. For theirs is the kingdom
Singleton, Diane, That’s the preacher’s wife
Carey, Margaret Matthews, Told like it is
Pledge, Charles A. The mark of the beast
Oldham, Lewis T. Science and evolution
Oldham, Lewis T. The church : the consummation of the plan of the ages, book 2
Overton, Basil (Basil Abney), When Christ was preached to Christ : and 51 other sermons
Holland, Thomas H. (Thomas Hayes), Challenge of the commission : sermon outlines from Acts
Dunaway, Wayne. A journey with Jonah : a man on the run
Stacy, John (John William), Preaching through 1 Peter
Stacy, John (John William), Jesus bore it all : Christ centered sermons
Holland, Thomas H. (Thomas Hayes), Challenge of the commission : sermon outlines from Acts
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier), Unbounded joy from a prison-house : devotional studies in Paul’s letter to the Philippians in the fuller light of the New Testament
Phillips, Charles E., A dozen radio sermons
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Study Commission on Ministerial Education. The imperative is leadership : a report on ministerial development in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Finegan, Jack, Wanderer upon earth.
Barber, William Joseph, The Disciple assemblies of eastern North Carolina,
Epperly, Bruce Gordon. At the edges of life : a holistic vision of the human adventure
Edwards, David L. (David Lawrence), Glimpses of God : seeing the divine in the ordinary
Conchin, Willard, Learning from Jesus
Webb, Val. In defense of doubt : an invitation to adventure
Camp, Franklin, The faith of the redeemed tested in suffering : a study of the book of Job
Ford, Gynnath, Power to win even when you’re losing
Spurlin, Bob, Tackling life’s troubles
Douthitt, I. A. (Ira Arthur), Sermon outlines and lesson studies in the book of Acts
Stacy, John (John William), Preaching the basics
Woods, Clyde M. The living way commentary on the Old Testament,
Jacobs, J. Vernon (James Vernon), Inspiring talks : for superintendents, youth leaders, teachers, speakers
Hougey, Hal, How to win souls for Christ : leader’s guide
Wilson, Peter J. Indestructible foundations
Dixon, H. A. (Hubert Allen), Class notes on Hebrews
East, David. Bible geography : workbook I – Old Testament
Chesser, Frank. Portrait of God
Stacy, John (John William), Prime rib : (choice cuts of spiritual meat)
Holland, Thomas H. (Thomas Hayes), God’s definition of a Christian : sermon outlines from 1 Peter
Boverie, Bill. From burden to joy : Paul’s message to the Romans : how to make Christianity a joy instead of burden
East, David. Bible geography : workbook I – Old Testament
Floyd, Shelby G. An examination of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
Lusk, David T. Within the halls of Pilate
Wilson, Gordon. Set for the defense : how to preach on the evidences of Christianity
Cook, Jimmy. Honor the face of the old man
Lecture outlines of the annual Bible lectureship.
Teacher training work & swap shop
Bible foundations : maturing discipleship series.
Harding College. Harding College lectures.
Denton lectures Studies in I Corinthians
Connally, Andrew M. The fundamentals
Frost, Gene, The sanctity of marriage
Boyd, Billy Ray, Training manual for the Christian Bible teacher
Conchin, Willard, Great was the fall
Lappin, S. S. (Samuel Strahl), The training of the church, a series of thirty-five lessons designed to aid those who would know more, do more and be more in the service of Jesus Christ
Lard, Moses E. (Moses Easterly), Commentary on Paul’s letter to Romans : compiled from the best recent authors and a new translation
Kershner, Frederick D. (Frederick Doyle), The religion of Christ; an interpretation
Ainslie, Peter, If not a united church — what? : The Reinicker lectures at the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia
Beardsley, Frank Grenville, A history of American revivals
Hartzel, Jonas. A defense of the Bible against the charges of modern infidelity; consisting of the speeches of Elder Jonas Hartzel, made during a debate conducted by him and Mr. Joseph Barker, in July 1853.
Rijnhart, Susie Carson, With the Tibetans in tent and temple : narrative of four years’ residence on the Tibetan borders and of a journey into the far interior
Reeve, Jack V., A God to glorify, through Christian stewardship.
Cartwright, Lin Dorwin, Evangelism for today,
Lhamon, W. J. (William Jefferson), Studies in Acts : or the New Testament book of beginings
Lessons on the Boston Movement
Bailey, Mike, The reign of God:   a study of the kingdom
Orr, Jeffery L., The Boston/house church movement
Yearbook of American & Canadian churches
Swearingen, T. T. (Tilford Tippett) Planning for young people in your church
So great a cloud : Women of the Christian Church in Georgia, 1882-1986.
McKiernan-Allen, Linda. We worship in Spirit and in truth : study resource
Norman, Don Cleveland. Workbook for a systematic study of the New analytical Bible
Hutchinson, Charles E. Building confidence
Connally, Andrew M. Great lessons from Acts
Why do the heathen rage? : Second Psalm and Acts 4:25.
Sermons by students : v.2
Linn, Jan. The Jesus connection : a Christian spirituality
Marshall, Frank Hamilton. The religious backgrounds of early Christianity,
Stevenson, Dwight Eshelman, On holy ground; meditations written in Jerusalem,
Hamlin, Griffith Askew. The life and influence of Dr. John Tomline Walsh
Johnson, B. W. (Barton W.), Vision of the ages : or, Lectures on The apocalypse, a complete view of the Book of Revelation
Hinsdale, B. A. (Burke Aaron), Jesus as a teacher and the making of the New Testament,
Martin, J. L. (J. Lemuel), The voice of the seven thunders, or, Lectures on the Apocalypse
Davis, M. M. (Morrison Meade), Queen Esther
Brandt, John L. (John Lincoln), Great Bible questions; twenty sermons on interrogatory texts
McLean, Archibald, Where the Book speaks, or, Mission studies in the Bible
Keith, Noel L. (Noel Leonard), The human rift : bridges to peace and understanding.
Ware, Charles Crossfield, The church bell : a history of the First Christian Church, Wilson, N.C.
Coffey, Aubrey Jackson, The scars of Calvary
Lawson, E. LeRoy, The Lord of love
Lard, Moses E. (Moses Easterly), The Complete works of Moses Lard
Miller, Raphael Harwood, Who lives in you?
Spice, Byron, Discipulos americanos = (Spanish American Disciples) ; sixty-five years of Christian Churches’ ministry to Spanish-speaking persons
Fey, Harold E. (Harold Edward), How I read the riddle : an autobiography
Weaver, Gustine Courson, “Towed In”
McPherson, Chalmers. Disciples of Christ in Texas.
Peterson, Orval D. (Orval Douglas), Washington-northern Idaho Disciples,
Nelson, Robert Gilbert. Congo crisis and Christian mission.
Huffard, Elza, What is wrong with denominationalism
Huffard, Elza, Man’s need for the Bible
Huff, A. C., The great salvation
Hughes, Richard T. (Richard Thomas), Civil religion, the theology of the republic, and the free church tradition
Hughes, Richard T. (Richard Thomas), From the primitive church to civil religion: the millennial odyssey of Alexander Campbell
Holland, James Jr., Basic progress ministries
Kuykendall, Elam B., The Christian’s day of worship
Kuykendall, Elam B., Woman’s work in the church
Kuykendall, Elam B., How to avoid the ‘Pastor System’
Kuykendall, Elam B., Dressing to please God
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement), Walking by faith : Origin of instrumental music in Christian worship
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement), Music divinely appointed for Christian worship
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement), Divinely appointed music
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement), Bible baptism
Kretzschmar, Karl, What Lutherans teach
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Catholic-Protestant marriages
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), An invitation. . . to the devil to spend the night with you
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Miracles and divine healing fake healers exposed : radio addresses
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Que es la iglesia de Cristo
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Does it make any difference?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Saved by faith
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Treasures of the kingdom
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), The Lord’s Day or the Sabbath?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Is the Church of Christ a denomination?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Modern pretenders vs. Bible miracles
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), The Bible from God or the Catholic church
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Dangers of modern versions
Hutto, H. O., Command or custom : An exposition of I Corinthians 11:1-16
Hunton, Paul, The Lord’s tranquilizer
Hunton, Paul, Christ has the answer to our troubled lives
Hunton, Paul, Life can become richer with age
Humphrey, Don, What makes dancing wrong?
Hudson, J. B., A workbook on the parables of Jesus, Part Two
Huddleston, Pleasant A., Pleading for unity in seeking salvation
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Institutionalism? : Orphans homes – Church Cooperation
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Sin against the Holy Spirit
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Speaking in tongues
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), The thief on the cross
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Mechanical instruments of music
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), The Godhead : one or three? Radio addresses
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), The vine and the branches
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), “Churches of Christ salute you” with The Gospel Hour
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), I received a healing cloth
Hinds, John T. , Which church did Christ establish?
Hilliard, Jasper, Some differences in the Church of Christ and the Christian Church
Hinds, John T. , The use of instrumental music in the worship of God
Hinds, John T., The way of salvation : A dialogue by John T. Hinds
Hinds, John T. , Is feeling an evidence of pardon?
Hinds, John T. , Which church did Christ build?
Hines, J. L. , The truth about Catholics
Hockaday, W. Don, Radio talk in Sheridan Wyoming
Hockaday, W. Don, The New Testament church
Faith of our fathers : a compendium of scripture teaching on prophecy and unity, extracts, clear and rare, from the “Fathers” and the reformers, precious reprints from the men of the “Restoration movement” with special articles by the editor and others on the fellowship problems of our day
Johnson, W.C., Let the Bible speak about the worship of the Church
Johnson, W. C. Let the Bible speak about the thousand year reign
Johnson, W. C., Let the Bible speak about speaking in tongues
Johnson, W. C. About daily Christian living
Johnson, W. C. About the Church
Johnson, W. C., Let the Bible speak about salvation
Johnson, Ruth I., The truth about comic books
Johnson, Clarence R., Capital punishment
Thoughts with wings : number 2
Thoughts with wings : number 3
Lanier, S. T., Reverence
Lanier, Roy H. The Bible survives
Lanier, Roy H. The faith that saves
Lanier, Roy H. Why be a church member?
Lanier, Roy H. Authority in religion
Lanier, Roy H. Outlines of Bible history: Old Testament, Part Two
Knight, M. F., What must I do to save a soul?
Knight, L.H., The Sunday school, unscriptural : a sermon by evangelist L. H. Knight
Kinningham, S. C., God’s only way
Kingsbury, Horace, Studies in Bible truth : Designed especially for use in Bible schools
King, June D., Wives of elders and deacons
King, Robert S., Four things God wants you to know and four things God wants you to do
Key, P. C., A study of Guy N. Woods’ Article on women teachers
Ketcherside, W. Carl, The trumpet call of destiny
Ketcherside, W. Carl, Equipping the saints
Mullens, Leonard, Marriage and divorce
Buchanan, Logan, Whose prayer will God hear…?
Kelcy, Raymond C., Undenominational Christianity
The Raymond Kelcy tape collection catalog : Oklahoma Christian College Library presents.
Kelcy, Raymond C., What must I do to be saved?
Kelcy, Raymond C., Undenominational Christianity
Kelcy, Raymond C., Christianity is undenominational
Keeble, Marshall, The thief on the cross
Kearley, F. Furman, The significance of the Genesis flood
Kearley, F. Furman, The relation of evolution to modern behavior problems
Kaufman, H. C., Now I know I am saved
Jones, George T., The work of the church
Disciples on the rim of Asia : a study book.
Munnell, Thomas, The care of all the churches : being a scriptural statement of the character, qualifications, ordination, and relative duties of the Christian ministry, evangelists, bishops and deacons, with special directions as to the practical details of a successful ministerial life, both in the spiritual and business aspects of the work
Social adventures with Jesus : a report of the Second Youth Convention of Disciples of Christ, Colombus Ohio, April 19-22
Anderson, Leroy Dean, The business of living
Morrison, Charles Clayton, The American pulpit; a volume of sermons by twenty-five of the foremost living American preachers, chosen by a poll of all the Protestant ministers in the United States, nearly twenty-five thosand of whom cast their votes,
Walker, Wilmer Russell, A functioning eldership
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Whence and whither : the Disciples of Christ
Munro, Harry Clyde, Christian education in your church
Watkins, Keith. The breaking of bread; an approach to worship for the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ)
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Hookerton history.
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Pamlico profile
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Centennial play, Christians’ reveille : a drama of the beginnings of North Carolina Disciples of Christ
Updegraff, John C., The Christian Church, Disciples of Christ in Florida–its growth and development : a history
Meeks, Rufus Polk, At the feet of Jesus : or, Twenty-five sermons concerning the Saviour
Errett, Isaac, The querists’ drawer : a discussion of difficult subjects and passages of the Scriptures
Adams, Harry Baker, Preaching : the burden and the joy
England, George, In a tall shadow
Wilson, Bert, Know your local church.
Moseley, J. Edward (Joseph Edward), The many faces of aging
Montgomery, Riley Benjamin. The education of ministers of Disciples of Christ
The Voice of truth international
Norman, Don Cleveland. Workbook for a systematic study of the New analytical Bible
Atkinson, Winston. Fundamentals of faith
Gospel advocate.
Westminster Church of Christ (Westminster, Md.) Westminster body life
Broadway bulletin.
Falls Church Church of Christ (Falls Church, Va.) Falls Church bulletin
World call.
Lawson, O. Kelly. Jesus Christ : the Son of God
Nichol, C. R. (Charles Ready), A study in Methodist discipline
World revival hymns.
Stuart, Moses, Course of Hebrew study : adapted to the use of beginners, vol. II
Good way hymns and songs : for the blood-washed : for revival work in convention, camp, tabernacle, protracted meetings and sabbath schools.

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