Digital Preservation Services Coordinator

Donald Philip Simpson dps

B.A., Lincoln Christian College – East Coast
M.A., Abilene Christian University Graduate School of Theology
M.S., University of North Texas (will graduate in May, 2016)

Contact Information:

325.674.4818 (Office)

ACU Box 29208
Abilene, TX  79699-9208

Donald’s Responsibilities: Digital Scholarship Center manager, Institutional Repository manager, Preservation of digital objects, Metadata creation and curation, Conversion services, Archival media collections manager, Special Collections marketing and social media, Creation and maintenance of relevant web presence, IMPA data curation and quality control, Pruett Fellows oral histories technical support, Reference and reader services, and Reference statistics.

What Donald Can Do For You: If you are needing analog items (manuscripts, audio, video, photos, etc.) that are not currently in a digital format, Donald has access to various software tools and hardware that allows him to digitize these media formats into digital files that can be transfered electronically or stored on your external flash or hard drives.  He enjoys solving analog to digital problems in order to help you use these older formats in today’s digital teaching and research environments.

Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends; photography and video editing; road trips with my wife; helping and serving others without being noticed; experiencing snow, mountains, trees, and wildlife (especially all at once); allowing faith to transform my life, as well as allowing life to transform my faith.