How to maintain official recognized active status and what that means:

Maintaining Status as a Student Organization For existing as a recognized student organizations on campus, certain requirements must be met in order to maintain recognition as a student organization. They are as follows:

  1. Have at least one full-time ACU faculty or staff member who serves as an organization advisor.
  2. Submit the annual update sheet prior to the end of each academic year.
  3. Keep a current roster of members and officers at the beginning of each semester.
  4. Attend all required training given by the Office of Student Organizations and Productions.
  5. Abide by all University policies governing student organizations, including any specific to the type of organization, which might be communicated through the recognition process and;
  6. Keep full disclosure of the following to the Office of Student Organizations and Productions: size; financial information, including total annual cost for each member; member limit (cap); number of new-member openings; and traditional service projects and activities.
  7. Must have a minimum of 10 active members, which must be full-time ACU students that are in good standing with the university.
  8. Additionally, the University reserves the right to withdraw recognition from any student organization that fails to uphold the standards established by University policy or whose purpose or conduct does not fit within the University mission. Before withdrawal, the student organization will be provided with an official notice and an opportunity to meet with the Director of Student Organizations and Productions.

Support services for Student Organization officers and advisors:
Special Events Registration Form

How to open a bank account:
Off Campus: acquire an EIN (Do not use personal information)
On Campus: Fund Code Request Form


  1. Sponsors can contact the Facilities Department for van rentals. It is at the Facilities Department’s discretion and availability to grant rentals. Facilities phone: 325-674-2665
  2. If driving a vehicle owned by ACU, all drivers must complete the ACU driver policy.
  3. If driving a vehicle not owned by ACU, all students assume their own risk.
  4. For more information regarding ACU Travel Policies and Guidelines
  5. Risk management driver training found on website:
    Driver Training Videos
    Or by phone: 325-674-2363
    Minor Permission Form


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