Social Clubs Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn about the social clubs at ACU?

-Consider attending “All Club Rush”, Rushes, Teas (or Coffees), tailgates at home football games,, or email and finding our social media photos through using #rushACU

Which requirements must students meet in order to register to pledge?

-Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be enrolled full-time (at least 12 hours) at the time they are inducted into a club.

What is the typical duration of the pledging process?

-The pledging process, from the initial bid invitation to the get-in ceremony, lasts three full weeks. 

What is the cost of pledging a social club and can I pay later?

-All clubs require a payment of membership dues. The average per semester to remain an active member of a social club ranges between $100 to $400. Depending on the social club, financial assistance and payment plans may be available.

Currently, how many active members must a social club have in order to hold pledging in the spring?

-Our current pledging process allows all social clubs to accept pledges in the fall. Beginning in Spring 2019, clubs of all size may invite new members to be inducted.

If I plan to study abroad, how can I participate?
If you plan to study abroad in the fall, you will have an opportunity to pledge in the spring semester. 

How are updates to social clubs and the pledging process considered?

-The Office of Student Life holds periodic reviews of social clubs and the pledging process. Conversations are held often and include current students, club advisors, alumni, faculty, and staff.

What is ISCC and how does it impact the functions of social clubs?

-Our goal with the newly re-chartered ISCC is intended to be the governing body for all social clubs. Each club will elect two representatives the first week of the fall semester, and the Office of Student Life will interview them both and select 1 to serve an academic year.

As a student, how can I be supported academically if I decide to join a social club?

-Clubs must plan or allow for 2 hours “off limits” time every day for pledges with the intent for pledges to study during that time. The suggested off-limit hours are 5-7 p.m.
-Pledging cannot in any way infringe on a student’s class schedule, including night classes and labs.
-All activities must be concluded in time for pledges to return to their residence or residence hall to meet curfew requirements.